Stickers and prizes for peds

  1. I'm just looking for suggestions from those of you who work in peds or family practice clinic - does your practice have any prizes or stickers for the kids? We used to have a prize box for kids who got a lot of shots, but it was getting abused when every other sibling in the room decided they needed to pick 5 toys too. We got rid of the prizes and now have a sticker basket for the kids located on the way out of the offce, but that has started to become a problem since almost all are sick this time of year and are rifling through every sticker in the basket after they've wiped their snotty nose. We were wondering if one of those rolls mounted on the wall would be better, but one of the nurses is afraid the kids will pull the rolls and we'll have to keep winding it up, or if they'll want a certain sticker that is five back on the roll instead of just what is there in front.

    Just looking for suggestions - what does your clinic do? Thanks!
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  3. by   shortscrubbs108
    I used to work on peds in a hospital, we kept stickers in the med room, spongebob, dora, blues clues, etc...we would just ask which was their favorite and go chose a sticker and bring it to them. They were usually just excited to see us come back with one. Easiest if you pick one and don't let them see all the choices. ;-)
  4. by   midcom
    We put our stickers on a whiteboard, using a small roll of tape to adhere the sticker to the board. The board is mounted child height in the hallway so the child can choose the sticker as he/she leaves. There still is a bit of touching more than one but at least this way they can see them all.
    It only takes a few minutes to refill the board.
  5. by   pistolchick
    I have not tried this yet, but prior to starting my new nursing job, I fantasized about making balloon animals for kids after vaccinations, etc. This is ridiculously easy to do - I taught myself a handful of animals in ten minutes after I found a kit at Wal-Mart one day with step by step instructions. ($5).
  6. by   saltwaterstat
    it's a cute idea, but unfortunately I'd have to say nay to it. pedies experience of 18 yrs here...some kids are great w/ balloons. then there are those kids that like to put the balloons in their own mouths ..imitating trying to blow one up, and actually inhaling the balloon particle instead.
    I'd stick w/ stickers.
  7. by   xoemmylouox
    I have to say that the rolls of stickers will get pulled out, but don't w torry you won't have to roll them up.. the kids just take the whole roll..We USED to do that for a short period of time..We learned our lesson. Now we have a small stash in the back for after vaccinations. Most are kept at check out. We do also give out "safety suckers". The kids do get their germs all over them, but think of it this way.. You get repeat business then (kidding of course).
  8. by   CCtxrn
    We have a machine at the checkout that looks like a candy machine but it holds small toys. The providers keep the special coins either in their pocket or in a cup outside of the exam rooms and at the end of each visit give the kids (and siblings too) the coin to get their prize. Its only for kids over three though. Its a great incentive to cooperate for shots or blood work though!