Rn floating to perform phlebotomy

  1. I am currently employed as a preadmision ambulatory surgery nurse. My responsibilities are for interviewing patients. Performing chart review and overall making sure all surgical and anesthesia requirements have been met for the patient to proceed safely to surgery. Our department also has techs that perform phlebotomy and ecg for the testing component. I have been asked at times to draw blood on a patient when the Techs are really behind. I have done it although i don't have much experience drawing blood. I've done it also because I really don't know how to say no to my manager. She does not ask anyone else to do this. When I do do it, it causes me a lot of anxiety.
    i found out that she has scheduled me as a phlebotomy tech tomorrow for the whole shift. One of the techs is out on a medical leave, and I don't feel I should have to fill in this gap, I don't like even filling in. This is not part of my job responsibilities.
    How do I tell my manager when I go in tomorrow that I am not doing this without sounding like I'm being insubordinate?
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  3. by   chare
    Unless your job description is very detailed and finite, I would be surprised if it didn't include some comment alluding to other duties as required. Further, this is no different than being floated to another unit. Rather than refusing outright, a better option might be to do this tomorrow, as there is a need, and after completing the assignment ask your manager if you can speak to her about how this additional duty is assigned. If you decide, however, that you are going to tell your manager that you are refusing the assignment, you need to be prepared to suffer the consequences of your actions, as they are very likely to be perceived as insubordinate.

    Best wishes to you tomorrow, regardless of which option you choose.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    I'll bet you have 'other duties as assigned' in your job description. You will come off as entitled and insubordinate if you press this. You might find yourself unemployed or at the very least with a target on your back.
  5. by   Mariererenata64
    But this is not asked of by any other rn's in the unit. How is it okay to only expect me to do this? I am very flexible and have multiple roles in the department that others don't. I don't have any better skill at it than anyone else would. And some flat out refuse to do some of these other roles and then don't have to do them. I think the expectations of the staff should be if you expect it out of one you expect it out of all
  6. by   jfratian
    Well, if you're being asked to do things others aren't, than I expect that probably bodes well for your annual performance review. Keep track of all these things and use them as a way to negotiate a raise or promotion down the road. If you expect to do no more than everyone else, you shouldn't expect to get paid more than anyone else either.

    I think that you're only seeing the short game here. You need to look long-term if want a successful career in any field. Yes, you might do more work today. However, you might reap benefits from that work later.
  7. by   FolksBtrippin
    Do you belong to a union? If so, I would call a union rep about this.

    If you don't belong to a union, think about what is bothering you the most about this first and then go to your manager to talk to her about it. Is the most bothersome thing having to draw the blood or the fact that no one else ever has to do it?

    I think you have a valid complaint, especially about being assigned to be a phlebotomy tech all day, but communication is key. If you have never told your manager that you don't like drawing blood all day, you should do so. This isn't the same as refusing to do the work, but just letting her know that you don't prefer it, and asking her why she is putting you on this detail more than the other nurses.
  8. by   featherzRN
    I was a nurse care manager in a clinic and was forever being pulled to do all day phlebotomy. It sucked, but it was something I could do so I did it. RN's were even assigned to it for months at a time. At least you'll get really good at draws!
  9. by   dallet66
    If they're asking you to do it instead of someone else, it's because you're good at it.