Am I well prepared for NCLEX now


I have to take my NCLEX by the end of this month on october 26th and I am so nervous that I do not know whether I am well prepared or not.

I did Kaplan qtrainer and qbank and my average score is 60%.

My Saunder's score is at 75%.

My exam cram practice test scores are at 60%.

I am doing 200 questions per day.

I am nervous, anxious when I think about actual exam. Some of my friends have passed and they are bragging that it was not big deal .



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Yes! keep doing question and make sure you understand every content but avoid cramming. All the best!!


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The best person to judge whether you are ready, is you. How do you feel? Keep doing 200 questions daily until the day before the exam and you should be ok. Good luck.

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^exactly, only you will determine that. i had decent score on my kaplan, but in the end, i was very confident and took the nclex and i passed at 83 questions


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Thanks all !

Yes, I am reading all rationales of a question even if it is right or wrong. It helps me a lot


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Concentrate on Kaplan and forget Saunders. Their questions are too easy. Do the QTS and review the 2 areas you scored the lowest on from your last test until you get to QT 6,7. Do those last 2 in different days and make sure you review the rationales. I would tell QT6= my Nclex mostly

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