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I've completed all of Kaplan, just doing the questions that I missed now. I just enrolled in the 3-week NCSBN NCLEX-RN prep course, and I am finishing up reviewing the last couple chapters in my Saunders book. I can easilyyy study all day just because I am so nervous about this test! I take it July 21. I have been getting really decent scores on my Q-Banks and QT's and was feeling confident, but over the past couple of days I have not been doing good..!! it's getting really discouraging because my scores were nice & my test date is getting closer!! I do a ton of questions a day.. prob around 200-250. Everyone is telling me to take it easy and not do as much.. and im starting to listen because i think it can be over-kill. i've been studying like this for almost 2 complete months and it's taking its toll. I just can't wait to take it!!!

I'm just nervous because my scores seem to be dropping, which is crazy to me!!!


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If you have been studying like crazy then I would suggest take a day or 2 off and relax. I would also say aim for 100-150 questions and read the rationale.


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I was doing the same thing too, but the last week before my test, I scaled back. I only reviewed QT 7 from Kaplan and relaxed as much as possible. I passed the boards with 75 questions. I think by me relaxing the week of the exam was helpful.


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sounds good!! this stuff can really get to you. thanks!!! :specs:

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