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I decided to go back to school at 50 years old and I'm about to graduate and sit for the NCLEX RN. I'm 53. I'm so glad I did this and want to give you encouragement. Being an LPN for 30 years - you have so much experience on the floor that students like me do not have. With your RN degree you can bring so much to the table. All the best to you.


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I certainly understand your fears, doubts, etc. I am in my first year of nursing school at age 58. Sometimes I think I am crazy, but I'm doing it!


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No... you're not too old! I'm in my early fifties and in my 2nd semester of clinicals. Yes, it's hard. I'm at a disadvantage compared to my classmates. Not only am I the oldest in the class, but I'm also a single mom of two teenagers without family support nearby. All my classmates are either married, or living at home with their parents. I also have not spent much time around hospitals during my life and my family is very healthy. The only time I've been in a hospital was to give birth! Most of my classmates either work as CNA's in hospitals or dr's offices, or have spent lots of time in and around hospitals. They all seem to have family members with diabetes while I hadn't a clue about diabetes. I became a CNA 3 years ago to see if I like the work and I love it. Then it took a couple of years doing pre-reqs, and finally got accepted into a clinical program at a Community College. Sometimes I think I'm completely nuts for trying to do this and wonder if I'm just kidding myself. Clinicals are tough. I was a straight A student until clinicals.. now I'm a straight C student. But like the director of nursing at our school said " C's get degrees "! You just have to stay focused and keep the end goal in site!


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Congratulations! I am so happy for you! Thanks for the encouragement:nurse:


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@geperry, I know how you feel. I used to be on the dean's list at a community college, now C's make me happy. I get discouraged. However, healthcare is extremely hard, but rewarding! You go girl!:cat:


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@mauitocali, You are phenomenal! Good Luck! I'll keep plugging away....:cautious:


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One thing that has always stuck with me when it come to goals and age - you are going to be (X) age eventually. The only difference being you can be (X) age with goal accomplished or (X) age without goal accomplished. I prefer not to let age get in the way of what I want out of life. P.S. I completed my ASN degree at 40, BSN at 43 and I'm applying for NP school this year. AGE is just a number. Go for it if that is what YOU want.


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@dragonpurr, I am so glad for all the support I have received, and you are right, age is nothing but a number. I think the focus is on how we feel inside. I don't feel 50. But, an employer may look at 50 and say, she's close to retirement. Well, I feel young inside and plan to work as long as I can. I am hoping my mind lets me get through school!:cheeky:


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I am 48 and currently in my second semester of pre req's. I was half way thru my ASN when I dropped out in 1985 so none of the credits I had completed can be applied... I am starting from scratch. I work FT and have also been an LPN for 30 yrs. I have no hosp experience so I expect once I start the Nursing courses I will truly be getting an education. I am having the same problem as you... retaining massive amts of info for exams. I work FT at a nursing home, I mostly do meds and tx's but this year they trained me to be a relief charge nurse so I do that once or twice a week. At times I feel I am too old to do this but I have the support and encouragement of my BF who graduated last year with his ASN at age 49, had no experience whatsoever in the medical field and now has a job making double what I make. I have found it helps to focus on the immediate expectations, if I look beyond the here and now I become overwhelmed. It is a lot of info but 30 yrs of experience has given me a foundation to build upon. My age has nothing to do with my ability or my passion so I have decided to make it a non-issue. I wish you the best, keep us posted, stay in touch, we all need encouragement, inspiration, and reminders why this is worth our time and effort. Good Luck!!


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@glantman, click on your profile pic, it's that question mark above the word "bronze". You can pick out a picture. Or, you can upload a picture from your computer. I think Excelsior is a very hard on-line school. I can only do my best. I support everyone going back to school, but I feel like I'm looked at as a person whose already almost retired. I'm worried that with all my experience, going back to school, and hopefully graduate (LOL) that no one will want to hire me.:no:


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You can do it !!!


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@Sherriblu, YEAH!!! Thank you!:up:

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