Am I still up for nursing?


Hello everyone-I'm in high school still, and our class went to the local nursing home. Well...I didn't do much but make beds and stand on my feet half a day. My feet are killing me now!! Do you think I am able to go 12 hours of nursing in one day?THanks for any help/adivce in advanced!!

You need REALLY good shoes, it makes all the difference in the world. Try Nothing I can do about the bed making, though =)

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You make a lot of beds in nursing school, and number depending on where you working.

My feet do hurt after 12h but as NursingStudent said a good pair of shoes make a difference. There are also other feilds in nursing where you dont stand as much for example a doctors office, hotline, managment and a visiting nurse.

While your in school get a foot bath or someone who can rub your feet.

Good luck in school

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good shoes are a must.. and you will get used to it and so will your feet.


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Thank you all so much!! :)


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Good shoes AND good socks. Seriously. Buy socks that wick away moisture - the type that runners wear. It makes a huge difference.

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I am up and down off my feet all day, and after 12 hours (usually before the 12 hr mark!) my feet hurt. It goes with the territory of nursing. In a sense, I find the days where my legs hurt the most to be the most rewarding (when they don't hurt I'm also thinking "boy, I didn't really do anything today"--not very many days, but they do occationally happen). Either way, don't let one shift at a nursing home (or anywhere for that matter!) sway you towards or away from nursing.


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This sounds crazy, but you get used to it and it really won't bother you as much after a while.

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You get used to being on your feet. You don't ever sit.

Good shoes, good socks... and, personally, I use support stockings (but I'm an old fart now).

Bonus: you run around so much that you get a marvelous "rush" and you may also lose weight (if you care about that)

Don't let being on your feet hinder you. It's part of the job, but again, you will get used to it.

Good luck!