Am I too small to be a nurse?

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5 feet 120 lbs here not actually that strong. Doing fine.


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I work at a hospital as a nursing assistant. We do the most physical work with the patients as far as turning, changing, repositioning atleast on my floor. I am 5'4 and my BMI is 18. The employee health nurse warned me that I was very little (like I don't know) and acted as if I'd have trouble doing my job. I can say that I do my job as well as any of the other aids and if someone is a two assist I obviously wouldn't be doing them on my own anyways. Don't worry about it


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Some of the smallest nurses have also been known to be the toughest. I am 5'3" myself and been a nurse, well, long enough to know size doesn't matter.

As a nurse that's 5 foot tall and 98 lbs, I can tell you that if you can handle the lifting of a cna, you can handle being a nurse. I've done both. Sometimes I need a step stool to reach things, or I have to have someone get something off shelves for me, but that doesn't prevent me from taking care of my patients. Teamwork definitely helps... and snacks. Keep a snack where you can get to it for those crazy shifts where you may not get a lunch until late.

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One of the most amazing nurses I know is 4'11". Being short doesn't matter!

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