Am I too old to be a nurse?.


I've really wanted to become a nurse.. right out of high school, that was the plan. I didn't take it too serious until now. I'll be 29 in May 2017 and both my parents have brought up my age, now I feel like I'm second guessing myself. I plan on starting the LVN program, then will try to get into RN program afterwards.. Any other nurses have a late start?. Any advice is greatly appreciated. :)


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No you are not too old!!!

We had a lovely 65 year old woman in our graduating LVN class, along with men and women in their late 30s/early 40s ... the minority was people in their 20s :up:

What are your concerns exactly to do with age? What makes you feel like 29 is too old?

I'll be 30 when I begin my RN program. And I still aspire to go into Advance Practice Nursing. So I know I will definitely not be the youngest out there, but if it's really what you want to do... WHY NOT?!:smug:


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Thank you!. I really appreciate it :up:

I sure as heck hope you're not too old... I'll be starting at 43 years old!

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I started at 38. The oldest in my class was 53. I precepted a 59 year old student once. You are not too old. Good luck.


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I won't be graduating from nursing school until I am 32. You are definitely not too old! You're the right age for you. You want it, go get it! Good luck to you!

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You are not too old at all. I graduated and achieved my license at 58


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Thank you!! :)


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i did it at 55... I'm having a hard time with the culture... but, you are not too late


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I just graduated and I'm 40...definitely not too old!!

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I started applying to nursing school when I was about 34, got in at 38, graduated at 41, now I'm 43 and have been working for a little over a year and a half now. OP, you're younger than dead, and certainly younger than many of us. You're not too old!

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You have 38 years remaining in the workforce. That is a very long time, keep your debt down and you'll be fine.