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Am I now eligible to take my exam?


Hi everyone, I just sent my information regarding nurse licensure by examination for graduate of foreign nursing programs (application) to the BON of NJ about 2 weeks ago. Today I was sent my Criminal History Background Check Clearance and fingerprinting process from the BON that I am going to finish this week. Does this mean that I am now eligible to take my exam? On the forms that I sent out 2 weeks ago, it states "When the Board receives the Certification and Authorization Form for a Criminal History Background Check, you will then receive instructions on the fingerprinting process. You will be eligible to sit for the appropriate NCLEX licensing examination. However, you will not be permitted to work or be licensed as a nurse in the State of New Jersey until the Criminal History Background Check has been completed and the Board of Nursing has received the results." Am I now able to register on PearsonVue and make a date that I will take my exam? Thank you!

Try to do it. If unsuccessful, call the Board and find out what you need to do. PearsonVue should have your authorization to test.

You would be able to register at Pearson Vue; however, you wouldn't be able to schedule your test date because it would ask for your ATT and they would send your ATT in your email, usually less than 24 hours, when BON gives a green light to Pearson Vue that all your files are complete.

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Usually when International nurse the BON will inform you whether you are eligible or not. You can register with pearsonvue however they will not send ATT until told to be the BON