Am I crazy or having a midlife crisis???

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I wonder if I am crazy. I am contemplating returning to acute care. My old unit is willing to hire me perdiem for the summer. I really miss the floor. I am not sure if it is the staff I miss or the action of the acuity. All my friends who still work on the unit, keep telling me how bad it has become. But they are the same ones that always said it was too hectic.

In this time of nurses leaving the bedside--am I setting myself up for disappointment if I return. I have a cake job now- hours are mon-fri, 8-2:30. But I feel as if I am losing some of my skills. Esp. when I read some posts and feel so out of touch. :eek:

I have been working in acute care as an instructor--so I am not totally out of the ring. Has anyone been away and gone back to acute care?? Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.

:p :cool:

I am going to be the big 40 in a few months--maybe I want to relive my youth??? HA HA. It is more cost effective than having an affair:kiss


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Zumalong, I say go for it. If it is on a per diem basis, then you can't be overloaded. As someone who used to be a CEN, I believe I know what you mean. It is kind of like putting a racehorse to pulling a cart-even though you're still a racehorse inside, you aren't one on the outside. Good luck to you, and don't listen to the gripers. They've always griped, and they always will!


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Go for it, floor nursing is in sad shape right now which means it can only get better. I have had a lot of jobs, not all nursing, and i have noticed the one who complain the most are the one who have been nurses and only nurses. They have no idea what a sh&*$Y job is. My worst day as a nurse is better than good days at some of the jobs i have had. And if it's only per diem you can always leave, but i don't think you will


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If what you are saying is that you are just working this summer at the bedside but keeping your day job, what could be the harm in that? Sounds great, keeping skills up is great idea.

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not crazy

not midlife crisis

change change is the only constant.........

do what your heart/brain is tellin you to do.........

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I agree with everyone else; BUT DON'T give up the DAY JOB!!

If your friends are saying it's worse than it used to be, it probably is. Patients are so much sicker than they were even 2 years ago, and many hospitals have not adjusted to this with increased staffing. You may find that "keeping your fingers in the pot" (working per diem) may be just enough to remind you why you chose to go to your current position.


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I know exactly how you feel, zumalong! I, too, have a "cake job" that I am leaving at the end of May. Everyone thinks that I am nuts, but I feel it's something I must do.

I now work in a cath lab (diagnostic only) 6:30am to 3pm Mon-Fri (no weekends or holidays) BUT in the three years I have been here I definitely feel I have lost some of my critical thinking skills and it is killing me! So-o-o-o-o-o-o-o...I am transferring to an open-heart recovery unit starting June. And you know what? For the first time in a VERY, LONG TIME I am actually getting excited about my job again. So, it's back to 12-hour days and every other weekend for me!

Good luck and let us know what you decide to do. (P.S. I am also staying PRN in the cath lab just in case my new job doesn't work out. Wish me luck too!)


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I'm with the others. Go back part time/perdiem. The rewards we went into this for are still there.

As a nurse educator, I go back to the ER (my area of practice) through my agency. I love the comradery, and the satisfaction that I have done someone some good. (I never turn down the extra $370.00 either)

After a 12 hour shift, my manual dexterity (skills) have gotten a refresher, my feet ache, and I am soooooo glad I can go back to my desk and classroom. LOL

Go for it!

ken :devil:

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