Alzheimer's Prayer

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Alzheimer's Prayer

Dear Lord, please grant my visitors

tolerance for my confusion, forgiveness for

my irrationality and the strength to walk

with me in the mist of memory my world has


Please help them take my hand and stay

awhile even though I seem unaware of their


Help them to know how their strength and

loving care will drift slowly into the days

to came just when I need it most.

Let them know when I don't recognize them

that I will...I will...keep their hearts free of

sorrow for me...for my sorrow, when it

comes, only lasts a moment.

And finally God, please let them know how

very much their visits mean, how even

through this relentless mystery, I can feel

their love.

~Author Unknown


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That is very sweet...and sad all at the same time..:) Thanks for posting it..:cool:!

live4today, RN

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Awwww...that was really neat, adrienurse. Wonderfully written, too. :kiss

night owl

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We have that prayer posted on the plexi-glass window of the nurses station on our Alzheimer's Unit. I was touched when I read it then as I am now.


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Thank you for this post, I am printing this out for our unit. The families became so discouraged sometimes . This is a lovely poem.


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l really feel that when the window of opportunity opens for some of our residents this is what may truly be their thoughts.

Those windows of opportunity are rare but like a smile of recognition or an appropriate response to a question or comment so rewarding and vaulable and the reasons why we stay

Great poem = gpoing to the notice baord tommorrow.

Thank you


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