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ok let me say that i am truly

****** off big time at my school.

ever since we started medical surgical nursing, maternity, and psychiatrict nursing our instructors have always been giving extra points on tests because some people did poorly on tests. now keep in mind that these are always the same people every single time. theyare also the ones that are always flapping their beaks in class when lecture is going on, they are also the people that purposely do not come to class on the day of an exam and then ask other people what was on the test. they are also the people that are arguing :argue: with the professors in class about how they are right and the professors do not know what they are talking about because they spoke to their friend who is a cna and told them something otherwise (no disrespect to any cna's).

the second thing that ticks me off is the fact we are giving a total of 8 clinical days that we are allowed to miss for the entire program. and i know for a fact that people have gone way over that and they are still there. but if i am 5 minutes late they are all over me and putting it on record that i was late, and the director is calling me in her office to ask me why i was late and have me do a 1 page paper on what i will do differently next time to prevent me from being tardy. now keep in mind that to this date i have only been late to clinical or lecture once with no absences since august of 2008 when the program started. i have to commute by bus everyday while everyone else drives, yet i am the one need to explain myself while they dont.

*when i was first inquiring about my school i was told that it was a very school that has been training nurses for over 50+ years and since 1992 have maintained a 100% pass rate on the nclex so i guessed that they must have been doing something right. also their graduates have never have a problem getting a job after graduation.

fyi: **i personally think that they have a very good cirriculum and i do feel like i am learning what i am suppose to. the class did a practice nclex on what we have completed up to this point, and i had a very good score on all the things that we did so far**

i am a firm believer that sometimes people need to mind their own business and worry about themselves. but i just dont thik that is fair to myself and other people that try and do their best to be on time, not be absent, or study very hard to earn their grades while others are just having everything handed to them free.

i just need to know am i letting things bother me more than it has to?

should i be writing a letter of complaint to the director of the program's boss?

or should i just ride out the next semester and leave well enough alone?

i am truly not a happy camper!!!:cry:

any comments or advice would truly be appreciated, nor will i take them too personally



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unfortunately i had that problem at my school too, and i was the one who got ripped a new one like you get ripped while others just screwed up time and time again and got away with it --- but not me, not the other good students. i used to get just as ******.

[color=#00ff00]you know what got me real bad was one of my class mates was urgent care hopping and popping percocet at the clinical site. i told the clinical instructor and she did nothing, the girl used to come to clinical giddy and cracking up and then bam she'd be in the nurses lounge with her head down, and this **** was acceptable to them. so then i tell the nursing chair at school, still, nothing is done, so i bring it up to my instructor one day when the girl is totally crocked at clinical and the instructor takes me in a room and rips me a new one.

[color=#00ff00]o.k., but guess whose name ran through their minds when the girl wound up in jail the last quarter of nursing school for 18 counts of trying to obtain controlled substance by fraud.

[color=#00ff00]i guess it's the same crap everywhere. we aren't rewarded for hard work and honesty, in fact sometimes i believe it is a detriment. all i saw at my school was the liar and cheaters making it by with smiles on their faces. we had like 5 people get caught writing papers on community clinicals that they never attended that they were supposed to attend and all they go was a slap on the wrist. had it been me, i would have been tossed out of the program.

[color=#00ff00]so no, i don't think you are over reacting --- i think the nursing schools are under reacting to some of the *hit that goes on. my thing is, if someone is unethical as a student, if someone is popping pills on clinicals or missing clinicals alot, what are they gonna be like in the real world on the job?


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Wow, sounds familliar... My program was similar, those who actually followed the rules were held to the rules. Those who flaunted the rules, were NEVER called on it!

I spoke to one of my clinical instructors about it and she told me this:

Those people who strive to follow the rules and study their @sses off, will actually succeed. Those who skate by barely passing and manipulating the system, will eventually fail. Whether in school or in their career, their actions will catch up with them.

Take pride in the fact that you don't NEED to manipulate your way around the system to become a nurse!

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Wait till you graduate, then complain. I agree with above poster.

What goes around comes around.


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The instructor is giving you grief because they have hope for you. They've given up on those other students.


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I agree you are being held to a higher standard because the instructors know you can reach that level.

Di Deanna

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Let's see if those slackers even graduate...let alone pass the NCLEX ;)

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Let's see if those slackers even graduate...let alone pass the NCLEX ;)

I C What U R SSAAYYIng!!!

Tell ya what,

no worries 4 reeelLLLL

Yea 2009


hold still



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