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    you r welcome! *lease contact me via PM for anything else....
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    For whomever it applies (Knowing very well) that this "of the Lords" congregation, You, (if choosen - from our Lord), pleases him, we/you are doing rightousness.. Pleases to continue continue until followed out! Then You blind and deaf will see and hear............................................................... Yes, then you blind/deaf will be shown nothingness! Nothingness forever and ever and ever and ever... HOW GREAT IS THAT You know not the Lord, as Him has spoken.... AMEN
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    This must be looked at from another angle. Tis True! You will never make it (nowadays) if you do not see otherwise! You truly need to understand the title you have taken. It is above all else... Nursing is the license you hold! You must understand what that requires! Ideally, you would have known this prior to starting RN school... The World we live in is a shocker though! We must (must) remember our roots! We must be doing this for the right reasons. We decide our own fate! Do not hold onto the position if it contradicts your values.......... Other than that, do the best that you can with what you are given. That is where we all stand! As Nurses
  4. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    I want to be an ER specialist Nurse

    Too bad that the only way to become a specialist in any area is experience. (Time and self education, or putting self through timely Education) Plus, The Emergency Specialist requires experience of those arriving as of dead, to arrival as of yet to be born, and beyond... This means essentially... "knowing everything". It is a ED specialty of knowing Everything IMPORTANT
  5. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    New Years Eve Blue Moon

    Blue Moon huh... This is one day that I refuse to work. I have worked this Holiday one time before, and let me tell you, in the ED, this is an excellent day to experience what it may be like for you during your shift on any one of the three hundred + days you may possibly go to work in any ED, except..it is a given..that this night will be very wild/craZy/unscripted/chaotic/mindblowing/Bloody/unbelievable/Etc/Etc/Etc The only New Years Eve that I have ever worked (4 years ago - Just 1 week off of orientation) was ended with us all standing next to our cars in the parking lot for over an hour just debriefing the insanity that we all had witnessed. I'll probably show up extra this year though... I know the full moon will make this one extra special!
  6. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    Do you like ER or ICU better?

    Wow! I did not see that coming! I am truly kind of shocked that you are an Emergency Nurse. Hmm... I don't get it? Was it your intention to sound derogatory for a reason? You know many Emergency Nurses are reading this thread right? Whats up?
  7. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    Do you like ER or ICU better?

    Curiosity has gotten the better of me. Would you be willing to tell us something? Is it The University of Wisconsin Hospital, or is it Froedtert Hospital that you are employed? The only other Level 1 in Wisconsin is a Pediatric Hospital/Trauma Center. I am very curious. (edited: nevermind, I now see that you never said it was a Level 1 facility. At first, I thought you did) You and your kid with an ear infection comment was way out of line, and you should be ashamed! To belittle another nurses specialty in such a way is most definitely asking for trouble. I believe you to be well aware of this fact... Stop that. I don't like it! ( Such behavior only makes you look immature ) To the OP, Emergency is an Animal! If you have the curiosity, I say go on into the pit and check it out for yourself. It sounds like you would bring alot of knowledge, skills, and valued experiences to an Emergency Department. Don't be too nervous about Emergency. The ED is an environment very rich in teamwork. Plus, most ED's have a seperate Ambulatory Emergency Care area designated for such things as ear ache's, if it gets too hot on the main... j/k
  8. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    ER Nursing

    I really want to mention the ROCEPHIN Emergency book! "Read It Like A Novel!!!" It may be directed more towards Physician's, but it is bar-none, Emergency Medicines Backbone all written down on paper! At least, I think it is worth a read... ACLS ENPC TNCC books too (half of enpc/tncc are not even taught during the classes), and the pre-hospital stuff too. CEN/CCRN review material. The Rocephin book is really good though! My Favorite ED Book!
  9. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    This morning I sat with a patient as he died

    Soo touching that I wanted to share mine too After celebrating my Fathers birthday with cake and cards that our aunts picked out for us (this was one and one-half week after them all getting here from 10+ hours away/many, many of them-family)... I snapped my fingers twice at my older sister who was sleeping (finally), with the assertation of an imminent death, knowing that she would understand my eyes as I said "This is it Heather, its here"... Less than 5 breaths later, my mother took her last breath in... That was exactly when I wrapped my arms around her, and cried saying, "I Love You Mom, Goodbye" - as I felt her final last breath, outward, against my left cheek, my Father leaned in and hugged and cried, and my two sisters leaned in... My Dad was now one year older, and without a Wife. I was without a Mother ... I sat next to a pt who died yesterday too... With his daughter. He was 92 years old when he died This is a Sad World for those of us left behind..waiting our turn
  10. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    Time to Triage

    Sacraficial laMb!!!
  11. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    Baby Deaths

    Jesus! OR NOt! Right? This all has to make sense somehow, right? Once all is said and done... Right? Jesus! Christ!!! Oh! My! God! Children die? I never signed up for this.... I want 2 B A hermit.....................
  12. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    New ER Nurse

    Thats it, right there! Ask! You are going to need to do that a lot, for many years... Confidence too.
  13. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    Time to Triage

    I have not read any of this thread yet, but can tell you that every ED should probably have a point triage RN + a comprehensive (Or Two) triage RN's. I am at a facility that has tried out both ways, using even the facilitator's when I first started, as the first to see the pt coming through the front doors - vs - A Point RN seeing them first, as they walk up to the front desk with their complaints. One way is significantly better than the other!
  14. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    Baby Deaths

    Thanks That helps
  15. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    Is it the hospitals responsibility to educate the public!!

    So far, 5 of my pts have definetively had H1N1 with paperwork in hand as comformation when I got to them. All of them were mildly sick. It did not look nothing like the normal yearly flu at all... It was sick for sure, but not out for the count sick! High very close to uncontrolable fever, diarrhea, very sore throat, persistant cough, and the inability to keep down anything other than water. The strange thing was that they all could easily carry on a conversation, walk, smile, laugh somewhat, and none of them complained about those severe body aches that often accompany the normal yearly flu. They did have aches, but just a different all around presentation. Hospitals should tell the public that they suck sometimes. The non-clinical personel who are running the show should step up to the plate, and they should explain to the public that which is their bottom line, and then ask them all to fill out a customer satisfaction survey in relation to their (The BigWigs) part in it all. And smile! Thats what they should educate the public about.
  16. LLLLiiiFFEsaveer

    Baby Deaths

    How do you deal with it (cope)? Seen Three now. What takes place for you during the first 24 hours afterwords?