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  3. Poll: Select the best caption for the cartoon above...

    • Ah! Here is the surgical team now!

      18.96% 40
    • These holiday theme scrubs are getting out of hand...

      20.85% 44
    • Bob, don't you think the "surgical patient" costume is a bit much?

      11.85% 25
    • One of the many reasons to do your research BEFORE elective surgery...

      8.06% 17
    • All foreseeable outcomes have been provided for, Mr. Jones, so don't you worry.

      24.17% 51
    • Those 3 are gonna be real disappointed when they find out this is just a vasectomy.

      30.33% 64
    • Not to worry, Mr. Schlepnick. Good nursing policy plans for all possible exigencies.

      4.74% 10
    • One of these awesome recovery room nurses will be taking car of you after your procedure!

      23.22% 49
    211 Votes / Multiple Choice
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  5. by   fawnmarie
    I love the "just a vasectomy" caption....hilarious!
    Just the Vasectomy is the best
  7. by   NurseCard
    A little late but,

    "Meet our post-surgical transport team"

    (I voted for the vasectomy one )
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  8. by   BabyFood26
    Quote from NurseCard
    A little late but,

    "Meet our post-surgical transport team"

    (I voted for the vasectomy one )
    I woulda totally voted for that had you submitted! That was funny
  9. by   coconut3431
    Ah! Here is the surgical team now!
  10. by   Joe V

    Congratulations BabyFood26!

    You won $100! Your entry was selected by the community as the best caption.

    Cartoon can be viewed at Operating Room disappointments
  11. by   Loweswife
    The theme comment, love it.