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fawnmarie has 19 years experience as a ASN and specializes in Psychiatric Nursing.

I am an RN, married with 3 young children. I love psychiatric nursing!

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  1. Hello, nurses! I would like to know if anyone has worked as an RN in a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Detention Center. Please share your experience.
  2. fawnmarie

    New Grad Psych RN- CA vs PA Jobs?

    Hi! I'm an experienced psych nurse and I thought I'd put my 2 cents in! I think you have good options in both states. Concerning the hospital in California with bad ratings....I spent 12 years working in a state hospital that had a horrible reputation in the community....and I loved that job! Great supervisors and co-workers, fascinating patients. You want to be a psych nurse, and a hospital in CA has reached out to you, why not embrace the opportunity to move back to a beautiful state and begin your career? Even if the hospital has bad ratings, you can still be the best nurse you can be and take the opportunity to learn. On the other hand....say you accept a position at the nice hospital in PA, and you love it! You may rethink your plans and decide to stay because you have a stimulating and enjoyable job! You will make the right choice! Best of luck!
  3. No. Artificial nails are prohibited in almost every facility. It is difficult to maintain pretty hands and nails in general, as a nurse. Frequent handwashing dries our skin and nails. I've learned to accept my short, unpainted, un-sophisticated nails. But being a nurse is a satisfying career with a good salary, so to me, it's worth not having nice nails. You can still enjoy regular pedicures and pretty polish on your toenails!
  4. fawnmarie

    Unruly CNAs

    I received the same response at my facility when I complained about lazy CNAs. "That's the culture of this place" or "You know that's just the way it is around here" or "They don't have to do anything, because they are related to so-and-so." Occasionally, a new nurse would come along who was determined to change the culture. These nurses would never make it off their probationary period. It was infuriating. I would rather work in facilities that do not use CNAs.
  5. fawnmarie

    Unruly CNAs

    Yes, OP, I have worked with many rude and/or lazy CNAs in my time. They are in every facility, and the "career CNAs," which KelRN spoke of, are the worst. Rude, lazy CNAs and mental health technicians are one reason why I decided to try school nursing. I figured I'd be better off working alone, than trying to delegate tasks to CNAs who were going to argue with me about their assignments, or just flat-out refuse their assignments.
  6. fawnmarie

    Confidence (Getting Feisty!)

    I turned in my notice two weeks ago that I will not be returning to work as a school nurse in the fall. I have been presented with a great opportunity to return to mental health nursing, my absolute favorite field, and have decided to seize the chance to go back to psych. I have noticed a change in my demeanor since I turned my notice in....mainly, that I have more confidence, and I am not afraid to stand up to the teachers. I like the new me! It's normally not in my nature to be feisty; I like to be agreeable and keep the peace. However, since I know that I will not be back, I find myself making statements such as "I did a thorough head check and this child does not have head lice, just dandruff. I realize the teacher thought it was head lice and was terrified, but I am an RN, I know how to differentiate between head lice and dandruff, and I am sending her back to class. Have a good day." And this "A poison ivy rash is not likely to spread from one child to another in the classroom. I am not sending this student home. Have a good day." And this! "It is possible for a child to have a runny nose and not be contagious. This is allergy season and the pollen count is extremely high today. It's not appropriate for me to send this child home." Since I won't be back in the fall, I really don't care what the teachers think of me! I am the nurse, and I "call the shots," so to speak! I'm going to enjoy this bold new me, right up until I walk out the door for the last time!
  7. fawnmarie

    Favorite Motivational Quote

    "There's something good...waiting down this road...and I'm picking up whatever's mine!"....Tom Petty
  8. fawnmarie

    Favorite Motivational Quote

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."....Eleanor Roosevelt.
  9. fawnmarie

    Last day?

    Last day of school is May 25, with report card and medication pick-up on May 26. I agree that it can't get here soon enough! School nursing is not for me...I'm glad I finally admitted it to myself. I start my new job as a staff RN in a small, private psychiatric hospital on June 6!
  10. fawnmarie

    New nurse.. Just want to quit everything..

    Absolutely! Quit now! Turn in your notice today!
  11. fawnmarie

    Overtime d/t short staffed

    Joint Commission put the facility in "Preliminary Denial of Accrediation" status. Our CEO and Nurse Executive had to present a "plan of correction" at Joint Commission headquarters in Chicago.
  12. fawnmarie

    Allnurses needs nurses

    One thing that I do like about the current mix of members is that there are fewer pot-stirrers and feather-rufflers right now. 3 years ago, there were a couple of members who felt the need (or so it seemed) to comment on every single thread, whether or not they had anything valuable to add to the discussion. One member in particular seemed to enjoy disagreeing with others just for the heck of it...maybe she had too much time on her hands...and she could turn any thread into a political, controversial, raging discussion. She no longer posts here, and we seem to have fewer trolls trying to stir the pot and cause bickering.
  13. fawnmarie

    Overtime d/t short staffed

    I once worked in a facility that was chronically understaffed for years. This was a psychiatric facility where many of the patients had the potential to become violent. Periodically, an e-mail would be sent to staff with a list of vacant nursing and technician positions. Somehow, one vacancy list with 15 vacant RN positions and more than 20 vacant technician positions found its way to the local news channel (it was faxed by a burned-out employee who was tired of having to work mandatory overtime.) Once the low staffing became a news story, the facility scrambled to bring in agency staff to fill in the staffing gaps, before Joint Commission intervened.
  14. fawnmarie

    Change Careers or Treat Depression?

    Apply for the job in the city planning department! Sometimes, we have to do a little bit of moving and shaking until we find what is really a good fit for us. I thought I would love school nursing, but I was wrong. I am going back to mental health nursing this summer after just a year and a half as a school nurse. I know I am making the right choice. School nursing is not satisfying or fulfilling to me. Apply and see what happens! Life is an adventure! Best of luck to you!
  15. fawnmarie

    Blindsided by a colleague.

    Does this other school nurse feel threatened by you for some reason? Are you more experienced? More attractive? I have known nurses who tried to make themselves look better by picking on other nurses. Many times, it seems that jealousy is the motive. I once worked with a very pretty, bubbly RN who obviously felt threatened when a new, younger, very attractive RN was hired to work on the same unit, but a different shift. The new nurse had a history of chemical dependency and having her license suspended. The nurse who had been there longer made sure everyone knew about the new RN's past and made every effort to highlight her mistakes and shortcomings. Jealousy makes women do ugly things. It's possible the other nurse feels threatened by you.
  16. fawnmarie

    Orders from hell...

    Written by a psychiatrist on a long-term geri-psych unit, "Can she get a haircut? It's a mess!" The patient's conservator wouldn't agree to it.