National Nurses Week 2017 - Seven Days of Giveaways!

  1. Nurses Week 2017 is almost here. This is the week that was created to recognize those who are part of the most trusting and respected profession - NURSING. What will your nursing week bring?

    National Nurses Week 2017 - Seven Days of Giveaways!

    Nurses week......what does that bring to mind for you? Are you one of the lucky nurses that has an employer/non-nurse co-workers who express their appreciation to you and other nurses you work with by showering you with praise and gifts? Or are you like the majority of nurses for whom this week holds no special meaning except in your mind?

    As nurses, even we tend to forget the great work we do. We think "it's just part of the job"....taking care of people, using our skills and knowledge to even save lives. If you saw the story in the news this week about Jimmy Kimmel's scare with his newborn baby, and how Jimmy thanked astute nurses for saving his son's life, you know what an impact nurses can have. His public praise of the nurses by name who saved his son's life was so touching. It brought tears to my eyes as it really exemplified the important role nurses play. Although I had nothing to do with Jimmy's son, I stood up a little taller, proud to be part of the nursing profession and knowing that I have made a difference in the lives of others in my care.

    The staff at allnurses wants all of you to know how much we appreciate you and what you do in your job as part of the most respected and trusted profession. Once again, we are going to be having a week-long celebration with contests and prizes in honor of nurses and National Nurses Week. We will be giving away one prize for each day of the week-long celebration. In addition, on Monday through Friday, we will be giving away unlimited FREE Kindle Editions of a book written by one of our members - "Anonymous Complaint: A Nurse's Story".

    To enter the giveaways, visit 2017 National Nurses Week 7 Days of Giveaways today. Starting Monday we will share the link for the FREE Kindle book download. In the meantime, please visit the author's first of two articles that features an additional giveaway.

    Nursing Intuition, Part 1: The Visitor is . . . Dying!

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  3. by   Jennioboy
    I work in an outpatient substance abuse clinic. Our addiction specialist MD once charted (after reviewing a urine tox) "patient appears druggy wearing a hoodie. Urine tox is lite up like the forth of July."
  4. by   Sharames24
    My urologist dictates on Dragon and we all know how words get misconstrued.....The report from the office visit was typed as follows.... "We will plan on a transrectal chewing guided biopsy of the prostate at this time." Sounds rough for the Dr and pt!!
  5. by   Supernrse01
    Have the winners for the giveaways been announced? I always like to see the results and I'm afraid I missed them!
  6. by   WKShadowRN
    Bumping this for I, too, have an inquiring mind.