March 2018 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 6

Top 0' the Mornin' to you! It's time for another caption contest. You can win your own pot o' gold - worth $100 (U.S. Dollars)! Fun and easy they say... YEP, IT SURE IS! :yes: Do you think... Read More

  1. by   Nightingmale96
    All me patients were Dublin over.
  2. by   Elfriede
    "Who said, that anything is too old or too new in nursing ?"
  3. by   Ontarionursing
    I don't think anyone is after these lucky charms
  4. by   wondern
    Oh, nooo! Can you help me? I've lost me magical Lucky Charms!
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  5. by   marynixon
    I'd say it's definitely the Little Green Man cold.
  6. by   mrcleanscrubs
    "Who said being a triage nurse would ever be hard?"
  7. by   mrcleanscrubs
    "This must be that new Irish Yoga therapy."
  8. by   mrcleanscrubs
    "Which Seamus was here first???"
  9. by   WndrWmnRN
    No you're not detoxing, those really are leprechauns you see.
  10. by   Flare
    ...Every March 18th...
  11. by   Ontarionursing
    Should we test out luck and guess what they got into?
  12. by   Ontarionursing
    Nurse 'Irish' I didn't feel like this
  13. by   jennaanneeee
    this is great haha