January 2018 Caption Contest - Select $100 Winner! - page 8

You Can Win $100! Prove me wrong. But, I think this one is difficult. My challenge to you is to produce a winning caption to the attached cartoon. You may propose as many captions as you wish. ... Read More

  1. by   JaredOwen
    Oh. You wanted the Circulating Nurse! I thought you said the "Labor-door Retriever"!!!
  2. by   Tommyd2
    "WAIT! Sparky wants to cut the cord!"
  3. by   Tommyd2
    "He prefers placenta over puppy chow"
  4. by   Tommyd2
    "He wants to know if the placenta comes with soup or salad"
  5. by   simplyebere
    Dog: aren't you done yet?!
  6. by   simplyebere
    My water broke already!
  7. by   simplyebere
    Will mine be this long?
  8. by   simplyebere
    Midwife to new nurse:
    "We do humans! Strictly humans!
  9. by   simplyebere
    She's got a hell of long butt hair. Green nurse, get me the dog!

    2 minutes later
    "What?! I mean the dog forceps not the dog animal!"
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  10. by   danilynne1986
    The patient feels the dog may be more qualified........
  11. by   simplyebere
    Is this her next of kin? I'm done!
  12. by   ebaldwin1
    L&D patient *Now you can let the good-for-nothing dog that is sitting in waiting room come in.*
    Student Nurse Tech *HR said excellent "Customer Service" is what matters...Here you go!*
  13. by   cosborn44
    You are a nurse.....you can do ANYTHING!!!