5th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100 - page 3

This one will be a hard one. Let's see what you can come up with... Write the winning caption to this cartoon and win $100. https://staticimg.allnurses.com/cartoon/nurse-caption-contest-3.gif ... Read More

  1. by   exnavygirl-RN
    "They're with the Galactic Travel Agency" {{ugh}}
  2. by   Leigh B
    Yep, I think it's those nurses first day too...They do look a lil green around the gills.
  3. by   TopazLover
    The monsters had their costume ball. These nurses won the scariest division. First prize was to cover the NIT convention.
  4. by   OnlybyHisgraceRN
    So it isn't a myth, night shift nurses really are zombies.
  5. by   steppiann
    Must be from the float pool....
  6. by   ArtisticNurse
    "So, that's what they mean by 'clinical eye'!"
  7. by   sealford
    They always said to keep one eye on your job, but this is ridiculous!
  8. by   RN Dave
    I see we're hiring illegal alien nurses now... Thanks Obamacare...
  9. by   mittens6395
    Erickson: "I feel sorry for the nurse performing their assessment".
    Maslow: "I know right; two eyes, those legs, and what is that growing on the front and sides of their heads"?
    Erickson: **Shudder** "Don't make eye contact and walk quicker Maslow".
  10. by   Aongroup1990
    E.T.'s nurses just phoned home!!!!!!! arrghhhh
  11. by   imintrouble
    They work in endoscopy.
  12. by   frankie,RN
    i dont see any ears, where do you think they stick the stethoscopes earpieces.
  13. by   Shelleyannrn
    Nursing Shortage.... They are Hiring from wherever they can find them!