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How do you feel about taking online classes. I want to take as many as I can online due to the fact of having a family who solely relies on me. I would be taking Algebra 1101 English 1111 and Psychology 1101. My school does have a campus that I can go to for help is I need help with anything. I know how I can get and my schedule can be having 5 kids. I have quit to many times and really want to push through and get it done. What are your feeling and opinions of doing this?

ERNurseErica, BSN, RN

Has 1 years experience.

I think taking online classes is a great idea, especially if you are organized and prompt with completing your assignments. The only issue I have ever had is not being able to ask a question and get an immediate answer. The help that your campus provdes should assist with that and don't be ashamed to get a tutor.

I love them. I’ve taken almost all of my prerequisites online. The only classes I took on ground were algebra (I believe I would have been fine, but my counselor advised against it since it was my first semester) and chemistry. All of my core bios were hybrids with lecture online and going in to campus for lab. Every other course I took from English to stats to nutrition, psych, human development, and anthropology and anything else I’m forgetting, were online.

I’m also mom of 5, it’s been ideal for me. I’m also well organized and self motivated. I think procrastination is the enemy of succeeding in online courses and it’s important to know yourself before choosing between online or on ground.