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Alegria Shoes


anyone have them? Love them? Hate them?

I've tried on Dansko's and really didn't like the way they fit/feel - my hairdresser has them and told me its the best pair of shoes she's ever worn but I'm looking for other opinions before I commit $110 to a pair of shoes...

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I bought Dansko's for school and hated them. By the 2nd quarter I had to replace them. So I got Alegria's and I love them.

They are very supportive, but much more padded/comfortable feeling than Danskos. I would really try to find a place where you can try them on rather than just ordering online.

I tried danskos, hated them! I also tried Alegrias wore them one day, didnt like those either. They pulled/pinches on the top of my foot. And I got a scuff on em, so one day and cant return them. Dont suppose you are size 7.5? Anyway I am a sneaker kind of girl, love the Sketcher Shape Ups with the no slip bottom (work ones). They wear out in like 3-6 months though which is super expensive. I try to make em last as long as I can but a new pair is sooooo comfy. I prefer sneakers.

I really like my alegria shoes... I order them at Alegriashoeshop.com. They have $69 sales all the time

I just (this morning) purchased my 20th pair (I might need an intervention). :-) They are so comfortable, my feet NEVER hurt, even after 12 hour shifts, and...they're so dang cute!

kelleann, are you the one who posted a pic of the 20 pairs of Alegria Shoes on their facebook page? They should give you an award or something for being such a loyal fan. :D

I only have 6 pairs and I love mine too. One thing I heard from my friends is that not everyone likes their foodbed right away because it's shaped like your feet to offer you great support. Some aren't used to such support may not like it right away. and the memory foam in the footbed will mold to the shape of your feet every time you wear it (That's what they claim on their site and from my personal experience too). They then became the special footbed that made just for me. That's why I love them so much. I saw from an online retailer that Alegria is coming out with a new professional Mary Jane style this Fall called Dayna. My feet are just screaming "Buy them now!" hahahaha. :D For those who are interested, check it out http://www.theshoestore.com/Dayna-Nursing-Shoes_c_34.html

if you go to Alegriashoeshop.com they have a Professional Mary Jane in pure white...I couldn't decide between that one and the Debra so I got the Debra

Hehe! Yes I am! I got the white snake shoes this last week. I sooooo love Alegrias!!


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I love Alegrias! They're comfortable and supportive, yet still cushy.

THe only downside to them is that they don't last long compared to other shoes I've had - the leather on the inside gets worn out. They're still wearable, but less comfy once the leather lining starts to wear and get holey.

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I too am an Alegria addict. I have 6 pairs but i wear them all with regualr clothes. I even have a pair of boots for winter (I dont wear those to work lol). However, the slip ons and maryjanes (my faves) and Feliz style are soooo cute and comfortable for work that I get compliments all the time. My hair dresser friend even wears them. It never feels like Ive been on my feet for 13 hours at a time.


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I read this thread a while ago, and decided to order a pair of Alegria's through Zappos. I didn't have my hopes up much for it helping my plantar fasciitis that I have had for many years, since I had tried so many different types of shoes without much relief.

They are nothing short of a miracle for me! I went from working a desk job for 2 years to standing up again all day, so I was trying to prepare for the worse. In fact, I was afraid I'd be in so much pain from the sudden change I would barely be able to walk. The Alegria shoes were a tremendous help. Although I was a bit sore after my first few days, I attribute that to not being used to being on my feet. But in a matter of a few hours, I had no pain. They are truly wonderful, can't say enough good things about these shoes.


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Bought myself some Allegria's with the heel strap. My feet are a 9.5 wide size with some extra pounds they have to support. Love the firm yet cushiness and comfort in walking in them, but the heel strap keeps on stretching out and falls off of my heel. Really need heel support when walking. They're quite a funky style though.. that I like a lot.


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Do you wear only the professional styles?