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  1. I am looking for new city to relocate to and a new hospital to work at. I currently work at a big name trauma/teaching center that is going down hill fast. We haven't had raises in years, they suspended vacation time for several months last year, fired a thousand people and now they have taken away some of our vacation/sick time. And this year we will no longer be able to earn sick/vacation time for hours worked above our FTE. They have increased patient:nurse ratios by 50%. Prices for insurance and parking go up every year (remember - no raises). Their motto is "Do more with less". It is getting unsafe. Everyone is miserable - which makes for a very happy workplace.

    I was wondering if the hospitals in your area are going through the same thing. I understand a few belt tightening moves - but I would like a place that still values their employees and the employees still love their work. I can work adult or children's. I just want decent pay, safe pt:nurse ratios, a chance to eat lunch and maybe a break once in awhile. I am also interested in eventually moving up to a unit educator role - so I need a hospital that hasn't done away with their education department. Any suggestions?

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  3. by   dianah
    Do you wish to remain in Alaska?

    You might scroll through the various state forums and get a feel for where you might want to relocate, and how the job market looks there.

    Or try usajobs, apply for a position at a VA facility.

    Good luck to you; present position does sound unsafe.
  4. by   TimeToMoveOn
    I currently live in the lower 48. I lived in Anchorage as a travel nurse for a year - back in 2005. I really enjoyed Providence Hospital - but that was before the economy tanked. I need to get out of where I am right now - I just don't want to end up in the same horrible work conditions.
  5. by   toomuchbaloney
    That is not the current employment situation in AK. This is one of the top 10 states for nursing employment, so I understand.

    I would be interested in knowing what hospital you currently work for.
  6. by   Luvsexytrstno1
    Has anyone had any experience with Saint Elias?
  7. by   duskyjewel
    I'm wondering if the OP lives in Arizona because that sounds a lot like one of our hospital systems here......
  8. by   ToniDaTyga
    There's always a nursing job in Alaska. Currently, they are looking for nurses in Nome, Sitka and Wrangell.
  9. by   kittyvenven
    The ratio is 1:4, 1:5 the most except on the ortho unit where it's 1:6 at Providence. At the extended are its 1:12 but it's pretty relaxed and they run 8 hour shifts. The transitional care is 1:12 as well and ace both 8 and 12 hour shifts. I don't know about the other hospitals here.