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  1. kittyvenven

    My online shopping reviews - please share yours!

    My favourite brand right along side Greys right now. They're more fitted than regular scrubs. Pricey so I always wait for sales to order. They give you 25% your...
  2. kittyvenven

    Foreign grad. ATT denied. Need suggestions.

    You should try Alaska. They don't have a lot of applicants and things get done very quickly. My process was pretty smooth.
  3. kittyvenven

    Should i apply for RN II jobs even as a new grad?

    I would and have. It doesn't hurt. Better yet, call them or go in to speak with someone. That's what I did. I got the job.
  4. kittyvenven

    Is there a demand for international nurses in Alaska.

    You will have to go through CGFNS. Try this link. Follow the steps. Credentials Evaluation Service Professional Report® | CGFNS International | Global Cre...
  5. kittyvenven

    New grad pay

    Depends. One establishment starts at $27+, others I know start at $32+, and one starts at $27 but you can bargain for quite a it more since they are in dire nee...
  6. kittyvenven

    Greatest fears as a new nurse (specific if possible)

    I used to worry about harming people too. Hardly do now thankfully. Once I'm on the job the fear goes for me.
  7. kittyvenven

    Greatest fears as a new nurse (specific if possible)

    Paediatrics is scarier to me. I did peds for a year. It wasn't as scary as I imagined it would be. One of my biggest fear is looking incompetent in front of my ...
  8. kittyvenven

    Greatest fears as a new nurse (specific if possible)

    Always thinking of ways to make extra money as well. I'm all over the place though. I'll think of an idea and want to jump on it immediately afraid "someone els...
  9. kittyvenven

    Greatest fears as a new nurse (specific if possible)

    My fear is pretty similar. I'm afraid of looking foolish. Everyone makes mistakes but it doesn't away the feeling of being incompetent sometimes. I've applied f...
  10. kittyvenven

    Greatest fears as a new nurse (specific if possible)

    Thank you. Not homework. Haha. I've been an RN for 5 years and my biggest fear has always been making mistakes so whenever I do I'm hard on myself. I'm new to a...
  11. kittyvenven

    Charting Bloopers

    I'm dying!! Hahahahaha!!
  12. Nurses. What were your fears as a new nurse? A new nurse just starting your first job? A new nurse in a different department? A new nurse in a different c...
  13. kittyvenven

    Anchorage Hospitals

    The ratio is 1:4, 1:5 the most except on the ortho unit where it's 1:6 at Providence. At the extended are its 1:12 but it's pretty relaxed and they run 8 hour s...
  14. kittyvenven

    New grad looking for a job, but wants a vacation

    Apply for the jobs after your NCLEX. Plan your trip according to the responses you receive. Maybe offer to pay the additional insurance so you can change the da...
  15. kittyvenven

    Advice for a stuttering nurse

    I don't have any suggestion I just want to say I hope you get hired soon.
  16. kittyvenven

    Here are some Valuable NCLEX Tips

    Thank you for this information.