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I just wanted to start a post for the LSCC hopefulls! Please post if you know what the point cutoff is for the fall or if you have received your letter, or etc. Let's get this thing rolling & good... Read More

  1. by   pixiegalsmom
    Thanks for the info. I had heard that they wanted letters out before the end of the semester. But with finals being next week, I was beginning to worry.
    Oh well, I'll try to remain positive and wait. Good Luck to you!
  2. by   brighterfuture
    Hi pixiegalsmom,

    I also read in several threads that if your advisor's name has changed to someone in the Health Professions this means that you are pretty much in the program. I guess I am so nervous because last year I applied for the evening LPN program I did not receive any letter. I didn't research it or anything until after classes started and I was informed then that there wasn't enough students interested in it so they cancelled it. The lady apologized and told me that I wasn't the only one who didn't receive a letter when we were suppose to get one giving us an option to select Day Program. So as you see I've been on pins and needle. If I'm in, fine. If I'm not, fine too. I know God doesn't make any mistakes!:spin:
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  3. by   pixiegalsmom
    Wow, that doesn't speak very well of the program's "checks and balances" to insure that all that apply are given an answer one way or the other, does it? I'm sorry to hear that their error cost you in delaying the process. You're a very forgiving soul to try again with Lawson after that! I also read that sometimes the advisor update online happens before the letter arrives in the mail. But I know now to check with them, if I don't get something by next week. What program are you applying for this time? Hope things turn out much better this time!:angel2:
  4. by   brighterfuture

    Lawson is notorius for being unorganized. But I am determined to get accepted be it Spring or Fall. I applied for the LPN program. What about you? Which program did you apply to?
  5. by   pixiegalsmom
    LPN as well. I debated about going RN at first, but I've got young kids still at home and I know that nursing school will require lots of studying and organization, so I decided to take things in "baby steps" and see if after completing the LPN program and getting out in the workforce if I wanted to go the next step to RN with the mobility program. I guess today is the day letters are scheduled to go out so let's cross our fingers and hope that we'll know something within the next day or so. Good Luck and let me know when you hear something!
  6. by   brighterfuture
    I understand completely. I have two children and student loans that must be paid from a previous college I attended. I have an Associates degree in Health Care Reimbursement and I can't even utilize it. Yes, let's keep our fingers crossed. Good Luck to you also!
  7. by   Cvrgul
    Justshe this is cvrgul and I chose to go to Lawson instead of Wallace. Can you tell me how the program is going so far and if it is a self taught program like lawson. How are the instuctor? Also, can you tell me what are thw chances of me transferring into Nur 105 for the summer. How many students did your class lose the fiest semestee and how it's looking. this semester? Thanks

    Quote from justshe
    That sounds like the mail where I live. When my normal postal carrier is off I get everybody's mail EXCEPT mine. I can only imagine where my mail goes. Te city of HoPR. The next one is 9/5 and its only 20.00. You can register online.
  8. by   justshe
    So far it's going great. I don't consider it a self taught program by any means. I am in the Hybrid program which means that I don't attend the lecture portion of the classes. I am able to listen to them online. It requires more discipline but, my instructors are always available if I have problems with the content. It is my opinion that the instructors want the students to succeed so they do whatever is necessary to make it happen. Im not really sure about the the number of students that have not continued with the program but, Im sure there have been. I do know that there were some that decided that nursing wasn't for them and Im sure there were others that didn't pass their classes. Overall, even at my worst I would still recommend Wallace State. Im not really sure how they handle transfers but, call the nursing department and see if they can help answer that. I'll help you in any way that I can! What semester are you @ Lawson?

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