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Is anyone waiting on letters from Jeff State for Fall "09???????:zzzzz... Read More

  1. by   wanna2brn
    Okay, surely the day is today that we find out. I have a crazy address and my mail tends to run a couple of days behind. Not to mention - it runs late in the afternoon - so I have to watch all day.:spin: Does anyone know if it is a letter or a packet? Another we have any idea about money? Is it all due at one time? Or do we pay for tutition, books, uniforms, etc seperately? It is driving me nuts not being able to budget anything...All I have heard is that it is about $2000. Well, good luck & I hope everyone gets their letters TODAY! Hopefully we are celebrating tonight.
  2. by   Fashionista1218
    Well nothing in the mail today. They sure are cutting it close and I'm getting impatient! Haha.
  3. by   Lucy G
    finally got back in touch with the lady who called me from JS. She was an adviser on the Jefferson campus. She said they had a "timing issue" and were having to call people to offer them places in the part-time program. She did not say if this was the case for everyone, or just some people---so, you may get a phone call over the next few days...I would be sure your correct number is on file!
  4. by   wanna2brn
    Same here...I'm sure my mailman thinksI am stalking him...This is alittle to close for comfort for me!!! I really need some time to make arrangements for work and the kids. I think if I don't have something in the mail tomorrow I will have to call them Friday morning....Does anyone know if the orientation is for part time and full time? I know someone posted the date and time - is that for the Shelby or Jefferson campus?
  5. by   Fashionista1218
    I think the Shelby full time is next Wednesday at 1:30, but that's just been what someone posted on here.
  6. by   09RN
    When I got in they called me on a Friday and orientation was on Tuesday. Got my paper in the mail on Saturday. Not alot is said at orientation either. You'll come back another day to try on uniforms and then you will order yourself online.

    Its only the start of getting last minute info. I even remember going to class and being told I had clinicals the next morning. Like Ive said before... you got to be flexable !!!

    Good Luck as you start your journey! I loved school. Actually miss being there. Of course I cant find a job so that may have something to do with it!
  7. by   Cory Reese
    I talked to a lady in the Nursing division at Jeff State today and she said that they were still working on the letters this afternoon. I don't get it why call some? Are they calling everyone in the part time or what she said it wasn't necessarily everyone to keep up hope. I have 190 pts but who knows how high it will go this time?! I just wish this crazy waiting were over.
  8. by   alarn84
    I had 197 points for the part time program. I am not sure why they are calling some and not others. Orientation is Tuesday so they have to notify everyone before then.
  9. by   jurac29
    Hey everyone...I went by the advising offices today at the Jefferson Campus, and personally talked with ******** *******. I told her that I had heard that orientation was next week, and that I was getting worried that I was not going to get my letter in time. She asked me my name, program I applied for, and my ranking score. She then told me "well, I can't tell you...but I can tell you this...the cutoff for the Jefferson full-time program was 186. Everyone with a 186 and above got in!!! She said that our orientation was next wednesday at 1pm.

    I say all of this hesitantly because I know she told me more than she was supposed to. But, I know that everyone, like myself, has been going crazy. So, according to her ( and the big grin on her face when she told me) I have been accepted.

    I had a 195/200. And I guess (according to her) if you had a 186 or better you can count on getting good news! She also said that letters DID go out today (7/8/09). So I'm guessing by thursday or friday it will be official.

    Congrats to all of you who made it in! If anyone is going to the Jefferson Campus full time I would really like to meet you because we are going to need each other! My name is Rachel Cooper, and I shall see you guys next Wednesday!
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  10. by   Fashionista1218
    Thanks so much for sharing your news and CONGRATS!! I applied to Shelby full-time so I figure we will be hearing something tomorrow or Friday. God-willing!! Again Congrats!!
  11. by   almostfearless
    That's pretty much what happened to me today- only I called to see if I could still get my name in the pot for the part time program just in case my husband doesn't find a job in time (he was laid off 3 months ago- we've been having a tough time of it, and on top of that, we're newlyweds!)
    She said that it was too late- I figured as much, but you don't know if you don't ask- but that with my points that I was accepted-which I also figured, since I have 200 points.

    I look forward to meeting everyone Wednesday as well! We'll need to stick together and do study groups to survive!
    My name is Rachel Owen-- us Rachels are everywhere!
  12. by   Fashionista1218
    For all of you applying to Shelby, I went by to see ******* today to find out what was going on. She wouldn't say anything about point cutoffs or whether or not I got in, but she did say that letters went out yesterday and today. So I guess some of us will get them today and some will get them tomorrow or Saturday. I didn't get one today so hopefully tomorrow!
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  13. by   BamaGrl2386
    Thanks for the info--I thought it would come today for sure. I even left work to come home and check, so you can imagine my state of panic when I realized it STILL wasn't here! I applied full time @ Shelby as well--my name is Jessica Mitchell. Any other full time Shelby applicants following? On a (lighter) side note, I saw this on a T-shirt on someone in WalMart today

    I'm a student nurse

    (and yes, that does look infected to me.)

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