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  1. Well, I was doing so well. I really liked the hospital, the assignment was good, the people were nice. And then.. I tripped over a strip between the carpet and tile at work. I filled out an incident report, but declined to go to the ED. Frankly I was afraid to. I couldn't afford to miss a shift, I figured I had just pulled a muscle and if I was careful and rested when I was off, I would be fine. But I didn't get fine. And it didn't feel like a pulled muscle. It got worse and worse. I got where I couldn't hardly walk and I spent all my days off in bed. My performance started to lag. I finally went to the doctor and got x-rayed. I had gone home on my off days and went back to workas the results wouldn't be back for several days. My husband called me on Monday and told me the Doctor said I shouldn't be trying to work. My hip was grossly deformed by arthritis, and I had many bone spurs. The fall had caused the final blow to my hip, I was in danger of having my hip totally go out on me at any time. I was not to work until after I saw an orthropedist. Now, I knew I had arthritis, I've had it for years, but even though I had pain in my hip sometimes, I never thought it was that bad, no one ever said it was that bad. I had to tell the hospital I couldn't work until after I saw an orthro MD. I also told the agency. The hospital has reacted predicably, they want to cancel my contract. The agency didn't return my calls for days. I am scared. Finally, I get a call from the workman's comp. people. I have never been treated so badly. She all but said I was trying to stick them with fixing a pre-existing condition. I told her that while I had arthritis, I had passed a physical before the assignment and that my performance was more than satisfactory prior to the fall, so much so they had asked me to extend my contract. I told her that had I not fell, I would still be working there and would have extended my contract. She said she would call me Monday, after she investigated further. My recruiter called and said she had called him and asked him if he had any doubts as to the legitimatecy of my claim. He told her that he did not. I am really scared now, I am the only means of support for my family, I have 3 kids, and I think they are going to shaft me. I am retaining a lawyer. Anybody got any better ideas?
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  3. by   Rapheal
    Sorry catrn, I do not but wanted to offer you my support. I am sure you will get lots of good advice soon. ((((hugs)))))
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    {{{{{{{hugs}}}}}}}}}, don't take what comp says personally, it is some a holes job to try and cheat you out of your compensation. You know that you injured yourself at work and so do they, they usually deny all claims the first time, I think it their standard, don't fret, you will prevail. Do what your Dr. says to do, you may have to use a doctor approved by the compensation so ask and find out. Hope you heal quickly.
  5. by   mattsmom81
    ((HUGS))) from me too. I had a on the job injury denied and I wish I had gotten a are doing the right thing.

    My private insurer argued with my hospital's private workers' insurance program (not workers comp) for 3 years and I had to pay for everything myself in between.

    Insurance companies don't's all about the $$$. Glad you have a lawyer in your corner. If there is anything in your medical records about hip pain or problems they will use it against you, but your attorney will know how to defend against it.

    Your lawyer will get you $$ for off work time, so try not to worry too much. I know it's hard.

    Let us know how things go for you. You're in my prayers!
  6. by   jnette
    Wow. Sorry here, too. But keep the faith and allow yourself to heal. Worry slows the healing. Proceed with confidence that all will come to a good time. I know the waiting is the difficult part.
    Big hugs to you.
  7. by   catrn10
    Well, I got a phone call from the Workman's comp. nurse the day before my appointment with the othro MD. I asked her if he had been approved (ie, on their panel), and she told me he must have been because she had him down as who I was seeing. So I go to the appointment, get undressed and then all heck broke loose. To make a long story real short, my husband ended up calling the attorney from the Doctor's offce, who called the Worker's comp. adjuster, who, incidentally, had not been returning calls, and she said she was denying the visit because the doctor was not on the panel. I was summerily escorted out of the office without being seen and told my chart would be shredded. Needless to say, I went to the lawyer's office. So we have filed for a hearing. He asked for (again) the list of approved physicians, and she said she would fax it and the letter refusing treatment by that doctor. Instead , we get a fax from her saying, I'm sorry, I made an error. The Doctor WAS on our list. So I have made you an appointment on the 6th with the same guy. How's that for excellemt treatment? I am here, at home, in pain, unable to work and she says oops, I made a boo-boo, you really could have seen the Doctor today. She was very rude to the attorney and would not even listen to him. Now I have to wait another 5 days. I emailed my company and told them what happened and I got no response. They are not speaking to me. Funny how when I was working and going to extend, they couldn't contact me enough. I used to think my recruiter was great. I don't think so now. Better beware and protect yourself. I don't think you can trust anyone anymore.
  8. by   passing thru
    What crummy luck ! Just goes to prove what others have posted in previous threads, about how the hospitals and agencies see us as very expendable and don't care once we are injured or ill.

    Is your agency a local one or a national agency?
    I agree, let the attorney handle it.
    Good luck.
  9. by   P_RN
    Try to hold on. Let your attorney and your health insurance company handle this. It does take a very long wishes to you . I don't know what state you are in, but my attorney was able to get me an appointment with a different physician.
  10. by   catrn10
    Well, I saw the Doctor and you can really tell he works for the insurance company, he was very hateful and ugly to me, My husband got really angry at him. He says the x-rays show that I have advanced arthritis, very advanced. He said that he wanted to get an MRI, but would have to get it approved first, that his office would call me. And I have heard nothing. He wrote an excuse for work stating that I could return to work, no stairs, no prolonged walking or standing, seditary work only. My husband askedhim, "but she can't even walk 10 feet, how will she get from the car to work?" And the Doctor said that wasn't his problem. And then my husband said, "But she can't sit over 10 minutes without having to get up for the pain, how can she sit all day at work? "And the Doctor said," Well, she'll be sitting when the pain hits, so it's not like she'll fall or anything." I had to hold my husband back, I thought he wa going to hit the guy. I am continuing to be in pain. That Doctor said, So you hurt a little before you fell, and now you hurt more. So what, you can't expect workman' s comp to pay for that. I told him, while I may have hurt some before I fell, I was able to work. Now I could not because of the pain. He said he had to go by my xrays, he had to be objective, my pain was subjective and he could not consider that. I am not tring to pull anything off on anyone. He acted like I was putting on. I'm not. I actually liked that job , they were going to extend me and I was going to be there until september. Now everything is gone. They cancelled my contract and the extention. I have lost my signon bonus of 2000 because I could not finish my contract. Worse yet, my hip is so bad that if it isn't fixed, I can't ever work as a Nurse because no one will clear me to work. No one is going to hire me now. I am ruined. I am so afraid. I have no money, no way to work. The Doctor said I needed to have the hip replaced as it is. I have bone spurs and cysts and the joint is destroyed. I couldn't pass a physical now if I tried to and I couldn't perform the nursing duties anyway if I did. And now it will be a pre-existing condition and I wouldn't be able to get it fixed if I could get a job and figure out a way to work. I am so scared and worried,I can't even sleep anymore. If you have any ideas, let me know. I don't know when or if they will start sending me checksfrom Workman's comp.. Even the Lawyer is unhappy with them and the Doctor. He can't believe the way I am being treated. Neither can I.
  11. by   fulwood
    Cat - I can't believe how you are being treated. I have nothing to say but if you can fight it out and I wish you all the best.
  12. by   nightingale
    Cat: I am so sorry you are beign treated badly. Oh dear, I am at a loss of what to say. YOu keep at it girl, see if there are other avenues to get the help you need.
  13. by   mattsmom81
    Cat, you need to try very hard NOT to worry...and try to put your health first now. I fully understand your emotions now...been there totally. Don't let the ugliness of the WC system stop you from calmly asserting your rights. Don't let them get to you. This is their game...make things so hard on you you may consider going away and letting them off the hook.

    Trust your're paying him to run interference here.... your job now is to take care of yourself. Get on Xanax, etc. if you have to to relax, rest and heal. The stress cycle is detrimental, as we nurses know.

    My hubby was my rock when I got hurt... and told me to put my health needs first...he was right and you need to focus there now too. Keep us posted! (((HUGS)))