RISKS of Agency work

  1. I oriented recently at a facility that counted narcs for 30", threw keys in a drawer, available from hall, and were "available for all". They work a mix of 8 and 12 hour shifts. They have just started using agency and I feel this is too big a risk for my license. The agency has just gotten into this facility and are so proud to have a new client--they just don't seem to understand where I'm coming from when I say I won't go back there. Any suggestions, comments. Thanks in advance. I've been a nurse 30 years and learn so much from all of you...
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  3. by   passing thru
    I thought for a minute your line said "out standing in a field." AND, I was going to say you & that hospital MUST BE in a field. LOL
    PYXIS's have been around for 12-15 years. Are you in a rural hospital?
    I am agency. I am not sure I would see anything wrong with it. They sign out the narcs in a narc book, right?
    After all, that is the way we counted narcs for 50 years before the pyxis came along.
    I would want them counted at the end of each shift. Do they do that? That has always been done too. ..for 50 years.
    Is there a policy that perhaps they are not following? The pharmacist knows the policy.
    What's their track record on discrepancies.? I do not worry about it in that I have been a nurse many years. There has never been missing narcs on my shifts. If I had worked on a unit where narcs were missing and unaccounted for.....then that changes my outlook. Then I would insist things be done "by the book" or I would be outa there.
    If anyone is inclined to steal drugs, having an "agency nurse" on the unit is convenient....
    But I haven't ever had to worry about that. I usually ask about ?any history o missing narcs? if I see they are sloppy.
    My position is kinda laid back.
    Others will probably say they'd not return either.
  4. by   grizngrit
    This is a "specialty hospital" separate within a major facility. Being new I have no idea of the track record, but it bothers me that people go home at 2300 and drugs are not counted except at 0700 and 1900. Just felt being a the new guy would be risky for blame. I don't think any policies are being violated and I realize that narcs have been handled this way for many years as I've been in nursing > 30 yrs. The whole set-up just made me very uncomfortable.
  5. by   renerian
    ARe you talking Specialty Select? Just curious.

  6. by   BadBird
    It is always easy to blame the agency rn, a friend of mine was set up but in the end the real drug stealer was found. (assistant nurse manager by the way) If your gut feeling is to avoid that particular hospital then that is one of the benefits of being agency just don't go back.
  7. by   Shamrock
    I'm with BadBird, trust your intuition.
  8. by   grizngrit
    Renerian reads between the lines well. Thanks.
  9. by   nightingale
    Follow your instints... if you gut says do not go back... do not... alas the beauty of agency...
  10. by   mattsmom81
    I agree with everyone re following the intuition. We make easy targets/scapegoats.