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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I was just wondering how many of you belong to more than one nursing agency. I presently work for 2 and after the hectic holidays I plan on joining another, the reason is I like to work at certain hospitals and not all the agencies go to every hospital, anyway I was just wondering what your thoughts were. One of my agencies I will drop since they cancell often, the other is steady full time.
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  3. by   nur20
    I have always worked with more than one agency. you're right, sometimes cancellations are a problem. So depending on how much you wish to work or where, it's a good idea to be with more than one.There,s no limit
  4. by   123lisa
    i work for several agencies and love it!!
    some are my full time and some i work very little. i also work for this company based out of florida. i perform long term care insurance assessments for them. kind of like underwriting. good for the resume. they train you over the phone if you are interested. i do about one a month and only if i want to. the pay is 50.00 - 60.00 for the hour i am there.
  5. by   OzNurse69
    I worked for an agency co-ordinating staff for a while, and while it can be a good idea for you to go with more than one agency, especially now that most have hospital contracts, remember one thing. NEVER DOUBLE-BOOK!! If you make yourself available to work with more than one agency for the same shift, and they offer you work and you cancel, you will quickly find yourself at the bottom of the pile when it comes to giving out shifts.
  6. by   wildtime88
    I have always worked for more than 1 agency and they all know it. Some even compete in the same hospital.

    I am as a nurse who is willing to provide my services and literally their bread and butter so to speak. In many ways they are competing for us as much as they are competing for places to send us. Without staff they have no income. They tend to get on the ball when they call to see if you will work here or there and repeatedly hear I am already booked for that day through another company.
  7. by   PhantomRN
    So, Lisa can you tell us more about the Long Term Care Insuarance Assessments. How does one get involved in that? How did you find out about it?
  8. by   funpartynurse
    i have been an agency nurse for 16 years and cont to be agency and like it better then other things i have tried i never stop being agency even if i take a staff job which i kept hoping would pan out for me ... like never.... and i belong to 5 agency at present i like that because if im cancelled i just call another agency and 99.9% of the time i get a replacement shift i also like because each has its specially and i have done a lot of neet stuff in my years and please dont forget those times i need to call off my self for say maybe a sick family member no agency ever really knows my call off rate snicker snicker ... remember the more the more satisfaction
  9. by   nightingale

    Do you book at the hospital? Is that why no one knows your call off rate?

  10. by   grouchy
    I worked per-diem, first for one, then for two home care agencies for 2 years. The demand was cyclical. I picked up the 2nd agency to tide me over slow spots. But, they were useful in more than one way! During busy times both agencies would call me repeatedly begging for help. You know, could you even just do one or two visits, we're desperate, 3 nurses have called out, etc. It was hard to keep saying no, especially to the first agency, which worked with me around my elder care issues. Once I had the 2nd agency, i had a built in excuse- sorry, I'm working at the other place. Made it much easier to protect my free time and my sanity.
  11. by   funpartynurse
    i work every where i do doctors offices, hospitals, nursing homes, mrdd,schools, factories, and on jan 7 im doing do months as a intake nurse for an insurance companyfrom 9-5 mon-fri for 2 months taking calss and being in front of a computer to let people know if their claims will be oked i have in the past for 3 springs in a row went to doctors offices and audited there charts for an insurance company and because i work for so many agencys they never know what im doing but they know im doing alright because i get great reveiws from the places i have worked . my father has been very ill this last year and i have had to call off alot i wont let him die alone i will be there for him !!!! so since i have so many employers i can call off awhole week and each one thinks i have only called off once . i hope i dont have you confused
  12. by   frios
    I have always worked agency and I say work for the agency who pays the most. Everyone is always looking for better. Keep in mind that an agency will do lots to keep you on board, even pay you more.

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