Is this the correct way of handling this?

  1. I recieved a phone call from my manager, who, once again, told me to watch my mouth. This is has become a favorite topic of hers since the incident I related in the thread "another nurse flat told a lie about me". This time, she said another agency nurse complained about me, saying I said we were half way thtough report. In explaination, I was called at the last minute to go to a new facility for me, 62 miles away. I was relieved to have the work and went, with no knowlegde from the agency as to where I was to work (I was told Med Surg or Er or ICU, they would tell me when I got there.) As the drive takes an hour and a half to get there, they were told I would be late. However, the agency did not tell me how late I would actually be, the shift started at 1730 and they didn't even call me until 1630. I got there, late, and they sent me to med surg. I was half way through report when another nurse from my agency shows up and got very upset that I was there. She stated SHE was supposed to work Med surg, I was to go to ER, and be pulled back to med sur if ICU got a patient, which She would take , that Connie(Our Manager) said so. She was very irrate in both her speech and body language. Having no dog in the race, and just being glad to work I said fine. The shift supervisor said she was half way through giving report to me, could the other girl not go to ER because it would be better. I told the girl that I didn't care, either way was fine with me. It developed that she had more ER experience that me, so I stayed, she went. As it was my first time there, I was amendable to anything anyone came up with. I would have swept floors.The shift super then tells me that that Nurse wouldn't have gotten pulled to the ICU anyway as SHE was the ICU Nurse, if we got a patient to ICU, I would take her med surg patients, I said fine by me, I'm here to work. Good shift, no problems. Then today , I get the phone call from the Manager of my agency about the other Nurse saying I said we here half way through report. I didn't, oh well. I figure anytime anyone says anything, it's going to me my fault from now on. In light of this, I have decided to ask for a meeting with the Manager, the other Nurse and myself and I am going to face her and relate what actually happened. Then I am going to wait, applying for new positions in the mean time with other agencies, and then go over to another agency and work as I am sick of this. What do you think?
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    Oh, I also want to relate that this same manager was upset because I had gone in at 2300 to a new facility 45 minutes from my house last night. Heck the agency scheduling person on-call called me and I went in, good shift , no problems. Then she related the report thing, and then told me she needed me to go to a new hospital to orient 1 1/2 hours away at a facility she wants me to work at (and I don't). As I had worked last night on the spur of the moment after no sleep and a day of caring for my dehydrated 6 month old grandson so he won't have to be hospitalized, came home to more dehydrated grandson and no sleep, I had the gall to say no. And she is p.o.'d with me. I told her that when I went to a new facility, I liked to put my best foot forward, going in with no sleep would not accomplish that purpose.So she offered me more money, I said no and my husband is furious with the agency.
  4. by   ShandyLynnRN
    get a new job
  5. by   nightingale
    Set your limits and stick with them. Find other oppourtunities.

  6. by   LoriAnnRN
    I think you are definately correct about the 'no sleep and best foot forward'. I say stick to your guns; you have the right idea!
  7. by   BadBird
    You need to ask the agency what hospitals they staff then YOU not them decide where you want to work and what shift. The agency needs you more than you need them, there are many agencies but not so many nurses, if you are not happy just go with another agency and let your present agency know why.
  8. by   catrn10
    Thank you all very much. Right now I am waiting for an interview for a traveling position in Macon, Georgia, and I have every intent og taking it if everything works out between us. I hate to leave my family, but I am not going to put up with this any longer. I've been at this agency for two years, through hard times and good times. I am one of the nurses they send out on new contracts to make a good impression. But the manager is determined to send me further and further from home. I can't spend 3 hours on the road every day just to ensure she keeps a contract . There is a hospital 30 minutes from my home, convienent for me, but I've watched her hire Nurse after nurse to work there to the point none of us get more than one day a week. I have licenses in 2 states, so I get sent to far away places. When I ask for a shift at the near by hospital, if I do get it, the next thing I know, I'm being told I'm cancelled for the night but they just "happen"" to have a shift at Blah blah, just an hour or two away. Then I go in to get my check in the morning , I run into a Nurse, who was so thrilled that a shift opened up at The hospital I was scheduled for and she got called in . I know what's going on. They substitute a local only nurse for me and send me down the road because I can work in the other state. I suppose they don't need the income I was bringing in. I'm outta there within the next two weeks.
  9. by   Sleepyeyes
    I'm registered with about 5 different agencies in my area, so I have work if I want it. Also, I tell each of them how far I'm willing to drive, and only on rare occasions have I gone further.

    I haven't worked agency in awhile, just did it mostly to pick up some extra money, but why stick with one that's treating you badly?
  10. by   catrn10
    in case anyone is interested, I accepted a 13 week traveling position in Macon, Georgia. I'm going to try to work my hours in blocks so I can come home on my days off. I'm excited and scared. I plan on coming back and applying for a part time position in the relief pool at the only hospital around here worth working at. It will be about $5 less an hr., but money isn't everything , especially if you're happy.
  11. by   New CCU RN
    Glad to hear you changed your agency.... from all the grief you were getting from that previous one.... I didn't realize at first you were even working agency! That is one of the benefits of working agency...... being able to say when YOU want to work. Sounds like your agency was clueless about that! Good luck in your new position.
  12. by   canoehead
    If the agency keeps sending you further away, tell them fine, but you need to be paid for your travel time. That would make it a good deal for both of you.

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