Is it just me or are agency nurses not treated very nicely?

  1. Hi,
    I just started working with an agency and I'd say more than half my experiences have not been very pleasant. It's hard enough trying to learn a new hospital, the way they chart, new IVs, equipment, etc. then you have nurses who are constantly trying to give you a hard time. Twice now, I've been brought to tears. I wouldn't say I'm an extremely oversensitive person but it just seems like at times, they go out of their way to give you a hard time. Is this pretty much the norm? I'm just wondering if I should give up now or stick to it and it will get better....
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  3. by   morte
    hmmmm i may be obtuse....but rarely have i experienced this.....did as a staff nurse though....when floating.....that place i have been recently i was moving all noc...never ate....and the other nurses were sitting on ther...hmm gluteus max. not once did they offer help...when i checked the narc sign out sheet 9 out of 11 were mine....yup old fashion count, sign adm ......told the super on my way out that my assignment had been obscene....she was some what taken aback.....was invited back has been somewhat better....still dont bother to bring dinner though!....and if there is a shift somewhere else it is still preferable....that one is at a specialty hosp....the one hospital that i go to...the DNS actually gave me an eval (very nice one) to give my agency for my records....only had an issue on one floor there....most times i get a smile when i show up....good luck

    after rereading, i realized i hadnt been the least bit helpful, perhaps speaking to the charge nurse "i am here to help you care for THE PATIENTS, i need your help in doing so." followed by specifics....good luck
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  4. by   graysonret
    I've worked agency exclusively for many years now. The vast majority of placed I've worked have been good...even getting calls from them asking if I was available. Only a couple of places I will not work. One dumped all the nurses' work on me on a 11-7 shift, while they snoozed. I DNR'd that place quick. The other was a bit strange. 2 of us went to work on the 11-7 shift there and did okay. I do remember never meeting more grumpier morning nurses in my life. Anyway, I got called from the agency sayiing that I was DNR'd from the place. It seems I had a "fight with a family". What family? There wasn't anyone there overnight! When I went into the office to explain this, it was found that both of us who worked there had "fights with a family". My supervisor thought it really strange that both of us had so-called fights on the same shift that same night. It seems that place will hire agency nurses but gives them a hard time. That was over 10 years ago, and I still refuse to work there. I don't need the money that badly that I have to put up with abuse. All the other places are happy for the help, especially when they are short-handed and do appreciate having an agency nurse that knows their "system".
  5. by   Blackcat99
    At the places I have worked the agency nurses were not treated very well. :trout: I always treated the agency nurses nicely because I was glad that they were working and so I wasn't being bugged by my job to work a bunch of overtime. I have seen nurses get very jealous of agency nurses. They say things like "She's getting paid so much more money then I am, so I'm giving her the much heavier load of patients." And the nurses who treat the agency nurses badly are the same nurses who moan and groan because they themselves don't want to work any overtime. But they don't have sense enough to treat the agency nurses nicely so that the agency nurses will want to come back.
  6. by   bshaw96
    I get this in about 1/2 the places I go, particularly from administration. I hear all about how much they're paying agency, blah blah blah. How agency nurses don't care and do the minimum. Maybe that's so with some, but I actually DO care about my patients, and the job I do and impression I leave. I work my ars off! I've also been a staff nurse in a facility that used agency! I loved them, was glad to see them. Cuz when they showed up, it meant I was going home! Just try not to let it get to you. Just wanted to know you're not alone!
  7. by   horrorxgirl
    Mostly, I am treated well as an agency nurse. I have a few places that will even call me at home to see if I want to work before calling my agency. Or they will call the agency and specifically request me. But there are always a few places with bitter people. I don't understand why people get upset over agency nurses just because they get paid more. I mean, nobody is stopping THEM from becoming an agency nurse. And I think a nurse that is able to walk into a facility and go to work, sometimes without even an orientation, and also may do this at five different facilities in a week deserves a little more pay! Plus the fact that it means less mandation for the staff. I've never heard of any facility that would take an agency nurse over one of their own staff volunteering for the shift. So if nobody volunteers, what else are they to do? I actually worked at one facility where the staff was in a huge uproar because they hated agency nurses and because they were tired of mandation....Doesn't that contradict itself?? Sometimes I think there are bitter nurses who want the management to pull a staff nurse out of their butt or something, haha. But really, most places I go people appreciate that I am there, and that they get to go home. I know that when I was a staff nurse I loved when agency nurses came in so that I didn't get mandated.
  8. by   Grace Oz
    When I worked agency, if anyone was rude, disrespectful, whatever.... I told them there was two choices. THEY shape up ....... or I ship out!

    I was there to care for the patients, not pander to their nonsense or put up with their crap. I could make a difference, or leave them wondering what a difference! (without the extra staff).

    They usually shaped up, and I was ALWAYS asked to return!

    Take the view; They need YOU! You don't NEED them!

    I wish you well.
  9. by   AmandaBrittainy
    That is too bad, I too have not been treated very nicely when working in a new place. I try not to do this to other people because we need all the help that we can get. There are certain travel agencies that give travel nurses a bad name also. Every one my hospital has hired has been as flaky and dagerous as they come, that is when I can no longer be nice. I absolutely refuse to babysit someone making triple what I do. I think this is just poor selection by my hospital (cheapest) or those willing to work in substandard conditions and it is unfair to the rest of us and the travelers that are exceptionally good at nursing.
  10. by   Agencystaffnurse
    I have been an agency nurse now for 10 years fulltime. Yes, agency nurses are treated like crap a lot of times.
    I have talked to hundreds and hundreds of staff nurses. I have come to the conclusion that they really 'envy' agency nurses. I mean I have talked to so many nurses that say 'I wish I could do agency, but I like stability" or manyof them say they are held hostage to a facility because of health insurance reasons..
    So just consider yourself special ))
  11. by   zenray
    To say the least ,agency work is the most demanding.Most of the time
    facilities are glad to see you.The hardest to establish is their trust in that
    you will do a good job in completing all that's required for that shift incl-
    ding supervision of your staff. All this is not learned over night, and to be
    a competent nurse takes time..if you are new to nursing(< 2 or 3 yrs) my
    suggestion is to wait until you have developed a feeling of confidence in
    working under pressure with prioritizing acutity levels of patients-this is a
    must; if you want to keep your sanity.I think all nurses should try agency-
    it'sa real test to balancing tasks and solving problems.I'm currently working
    toward my bsn, and my agency experience is quite helpful in learning and
    teaching others.
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  12. by   gitterbug
    I attempt to be nice to agency nurses, they are there to take some of the load off regular staff. Only twice have I had issues with agency nurses. Both of them attempted to ignore their assignment, only wanted to do the least necessary, talked on phone a lot, and would not do IV's on their patients, no big deal, just were not allowed to come back. Others come on a regular basis, do good work, and are always welcome. I am a diabetic but when they do something special I do say thanks and give them a candy kiss.
  13. by   LadyNASDAQ
    You need to assert yourself and work with the Charge Nurse more. They need you to fill in their lack of a staff Nurse and you're there to help. You say that you are here to help for the day. Let your bosses know you are being bullied.
  14. by   RN1121
    Usually I am received well when I go from nursing home to nursing home. I feel that most of the time the facility is happy to have me, because without me they would be short(er) than what they already are. If I am not treated with respect, I will never return to that facility again. I think being confident about your skills and experience is essential when you are an agency nurse.