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My first time for the agency calling me and telling me the facility didn't need me for the whole day. Is this common in agencies? I think its a little unnerving as this may be my families most... Read More

  1. by   SarasotaRN2b
    Quote from Chica_bella813
    This is my first time signing up with agency and it is horrific so far! I was told i would work as many or as little shifts as I'd like--well they were not joking about as little. I have only worked 8hrs with them and that is it. The hospitals that they are contracted with the census has been low.

    I resigned from my former job which was a good paying job but couldnt deal with the antics and manager that was not to be trusted. My self esteem and worth were much more important to me.

    I am now seriously considering traveling nursing--but i want a travel company that provides a car if i go out of state. UGH!! I have never had to hustle like this before. I wonder at times should i have put up with a lying manager that paid well or continue on my search for a travel assignment. I just dont know what to do......:uhoh21:
    Unfortunately being called off isn't limited to agency nurses. The census has been so low (another Floridian) that regular staff are being called off. I was called off on Christmas Day and worry that I will be called off today, Sunday or tomorrow, New Year's Eve.

  2. by   misschelei
    The best chance at getting work during the holidays for agency staff is to be contract!
  3. by   Chica_bella813
    Quote from bigredrn57
    Hello ladies, I recently resigned from a hospital for the same reasons. NOTHING IS WORTH YOUR SELF RESPECT! I also signed up with an agency. It was not steady. I called the corporate office to see what they had in the area. Then I spoke with another agency. Right after I hung up the phone I received a 3 month contract offer from a local hospital. The point is, do not wait. Do not be passive. People only take advantage of you, if you let them. Be good to yourself.
    Amen BigredRN!!! Nothing is worth our self respect PReach it sista!! I agree we can't be passive and we must make our own moves! I am learning the ropes during this transition......
  4. by   Diary/Dairy
    Just got cancelled for tonight - Bummer - I am doing this full time and still have a mortgage - I am not losing hope- it's just a real bummer!
  5. by   misschelei
    Hang in there diarygirl....I haven't worked in almost a week either. Though I haven't really tried very hard cuz my back and hips are so sore from bein prego It takes me days to recover from a shift. But need the money really bad too. I'm scheduled tomorrow...hope I get the shift so I can get it over with, pay a couple bills and sock the rest away for my leave.
  6. by   Diary/Dairy
    Goodnesss- NOT virgil@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!