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misschelei has 8 years experience and specializes in Picu, ICU, Burn.

I work agency exclusively while dh is in nursing school. I also enjoy the flexibility so I can be home with my 4 year old little girl and her brother who is on the way....due March 1st 2008.

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  1. misschelei

    They finally did it. I got laid off.

    Good luck to you! Hope you find something else you enjoy quickly.
  2. misschelei

    Need some 'actual' Nurse experience...

    I should add you don't have to be an LC only. You can give great bf info to your patient as their nurse as well. You will run into nursing moms not only on L&D units but NICU's and Peds as well. So keep that in mind.
  3. misschelei

    Need some 'actual' Nurse experience...

    I can tell you I had a bad experience with LC when I had my daughter 4 years ago. She was small and having a hard time latching since I was extremely engorged (I know tmi) but the LC just kinda went through the basics with me. Then she left me soaking in bucket of epsom salt water and never came back without telling me how long to do it. Also it seems like there is a lot of conflicting info given by different LC's so I would say the field is lucky to have you knowing first hand what the moms are going through and what they need to hear to decrease the frustration and keep trying! Good luck!!
  4. misschelei


    Hang in there diarygirl....I haven't worked in almost a week either. Though I haven't really tried very hard cuz my back and hips are so sore from bein prego It takes me days to recover from a shift. But need the money really bad too. I'm scheduled tomorrow...hope I get the shift so I can get it over with, pay a couple bills and sock the rest away for my leave.
  5. misschelei

    Does it matter what your Specialty is as an RN to work agency?

    Be very specific with everyone in the office if you go back to agency. Only work in areas you are comfortable in or you will get in over your head fast. You should know exactly what you are doing when you show up on a floor as an agency nurse. Your major concerns should be generally limited to hospital specific policies and procedures and unit specific supply locations you may not be familiar with. Stressed when you get there is going to make everyone frazzled by the time you leave and believe me they won't forget it! Since you have done agency before you know that becoming a regular at a few places will put you in that comfort zone where you know them and they know you. This makes things much easier but you still need to stay on your toes. When you screw up all it takes is a phone call for the hospital to be done with you. They don't need to pull you into the office 20 times or follow any type of protocol like they would with Suzy staff nurse (for example).
  6. misschelei

    Rapid Response Team and Families

    One of the hospitals I work for has a specific name called overhead for a family called RRT. I don't know if that's just an FYI to the responders or if it means walk slower (lol) but the whole thing is a little silly.
  7. misschelei

    What's Your Best Nursing Ghost Story?

    I posted on here over 2 years ago thought I would renew my story..... I hate to believe that children are ever left behind as ghosts. That said we have a room in the PICU I used to work at that is reserved to accomodate families with a dying child. Older patients who have died in the room have reported seeing other children in the room with them. Younger children have been known to point and track unseen things. Even the most hardened skeptic on the unit will tell you there is a strange static feel to the room. On my third day of orientation at this hospital my preceptor took me for a walk through the 'old hospital' Its all boardrooms and resident's sleeping quarters now. But it was the night shift and all the sleeping rooms were empty. When I asked her why she grinned from ear to ear. She told me stories of nuns floating and kids giggling and running down the halls, lights flickering, and shadows darting. We didn't see anything that night but you couldn't get me out of there fast enough. I could have killed her! Then I understood why our residents and fellows will find an empty room anywhere in the hospital before sleeping up there.
  8. misschelei

    Has anyone EVER seen a patient come off CRRT alive?

    I just noticed this thread is almost a year old..someone must have been diggin deep in the archives lol
  9. misschelei

    Has anyone EVER seen a patient come off CRRT alive?

    We used it when I worked burn until we could nurse them back to health. One patient we had for a good 6 months on the unit who was on crrt for a while was discharged and I had him as a patient 7 years later at another hospital for an unrelated issue.
  10. misschelei

    Crocs & Back Problems

    Apparently Crocs are the devil. There's huge threads about them on here somewhere. They have even been banned from many hospitals. I personally have had a pair for over 5 years. Not the one's with holes in them...for goodness sake it's a hospital cover your feet! Anyway, I trip on them all time and they do nothing to relieve my back problems but they are so comfy I just can't give em up.
  11. misschelei

    Verbal orders...what about them?

    I would never accept a verbal or telephone order given to anyone other a nurse. And if another nurse besides myself took the order I would even ask that nurse to write the order.
  12. misschelei

    How nasty!!

    I know one hospital that has public service posters in the hallways of the docs we all know smiling and using hand sanitizer or hand washing encouraging everyone to do the same. I have to admit they get more of a reaction (uncontrolled laughter) than isolation signs on doors.
  13. misschelei

    How nasty!!

    What scares me more than anything is the staff who basically touch everyone in the hopsital like RT's, phlebotomists, and Xray. I can't tell you how many times I've seen them ignore isolation signs, not wear gloves at all or forget to wash their hands.
  14. misschelei

    Peds Or Adult Stethescope?

    In my experience I can't hear any better with a cute stethescope than I can with a disposable one. But those are really cool! I like the blazing sun.
  15. misschelei

    Peds Or Adult Stethescope?

    I have a Littmann Cardiology III. It has 2 diaphragms. One side is adult the other pediatric and each side is tunable so you can hear high and low frequency sounds. I've had it since nursing school. I take care of newborns to geriatric and everything in between and I've never considered any other stethescope. Shop around I've seen them anywhere from $120-180 online.
  16. misschelei

    Sweet Dreams, Baby! Tell us about your strange dreams r/t nursing

    That is hilarious!! I have that same dream in different variations. Once I dreamed that I was taking care of the wrong list of patients on the board so they all got double medicated and my actual group got ignored for 12 hours.