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Age and CRNA Admission

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Does anyone know if someone in their forties can get accepted into a CRNA program? I know that med schools have a "no age discrimination" policy (wink, wink), but you're "old" at 27 in Med School terms...just wondering how CRNA schools view this. Is it the same type of mentality where if you're older they view you as having less longevity in the profession and, thus, less viability as a candidate? By the time I am ready to apply, I would probably be about 44 or 45. I would still have 20+ years of work left in me...is that enough?

I am just wondering if this is worth considering for an old fossil like me. :)

Honesty is appreciated. I have the grades and the motivation, but am not sure if this is a realistic option.

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This was recently discussed...and I think the consesus was that age is not a factor if you are a well qualified applicant. A search should bring up this thread.

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I tried entering "age" as a keyword and got 0 results, before I posted this.

Well it is good news all the same. :)

Thanks...good luck to all!

I am currently 43 and will entering CRNA program in June. My age was looked at as a positive..not a negative. Go for it!

Lower in the first page of the Pre-CRNA forum, there is a age and SRNA thread.

Hope it helps.



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I know of a girl who attended CRNA school after her husband left her and graduated at the young age of 52. She works at my hospital. It can be done. I am going to apply december 2006, if accepted will graduate around 50. I am excited, and say go for it!

I have several friends that when in anesthesia school they were in their early 40s. I think in nursing age and experience are valued.

I my current class I am the youngest SRNA at 28 and the oldest SRNA is in her mid-50s. Most of my other fellow studnets are in their 40's. It's never too late:) Good luck!

I know several that started programs in their fifites and it has never been an issue for them, other than having to retake classes since they graduated quite some time ago.

Hi Family!

What a great find! I am a single Mom who became RN,BSN in 1986. I always wanted to be a CRNA. All of my 19 yrs. of experience is in Neonatal Nursing.

I was able to see my son graduate from college and move out of the home.

I am now 49yrs and am determined to fulfill my dream of becoming a CRNA. I was relieved to learn that age should not deter me from my pursuit. I am looking forward to your sincere guidance in my efforts.

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