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  1. meg228

    New Britain School

    Kermit, I interviewed at New Britain last year and I am currently a junior student at Bridgeport Hospital. The program director and all of the students at New Britain seemed very nice and overall I came out with a good impression of the program. My major concern about the program however was the amount of clinical experience. The OR itself is pretty small, if I am remembering correctly 8 rooms but don't quote me on that. They also have to send students away to get their regional experience because they are not able to get enough in house (though this is not uncommon in many programs I did not really like the idea). In general the program has a good reputation but is regarded as more of the "country club" program than the others in the state, more laid back, get out early (when I was interviewing at about 1PM the students were leaving for the day), etc... Which is not necessarily a bad thing but just something to keep in mind. As far as competing with residents that shouldn't be a problem, to my knowledge New Britain does not have a residency program (at least in anesthesia). The interview itself was pretty basic, interviewed with the program director and a few CRNAs none of the MDs. They did ask some clinical questions but nothing too hard. I hope this helps. Good Luck!
  2. meg228

    Who's going to Anesthesia school?

    I applied to all 3 programs in CT. Small state, good odds:) New Britain General Hospital- interviewed, not accepted Hospital of St Raphael- interviewed, accepted, declined Bridgeport Hospital- interviewed, accepted, start at the end of May! Good luck to everyone!!
  3. meg228

    Which bank is best for alternative loans?

    I got a 30,000 unsecured loan throught Sallie Mae's Tuition Answer Loan program. It was very easy and they don't go through the school at all other than requesting a letter confirming your enrollment and they also tack on the fees and whatnot onto the amount. I got a check made out to me for 30000 within a couple of weeks of applying. You do have to have a job and make at least 15,000 a year I think...so apply before leaving your job if at all possible. Also I think that they just raised the max loan amount to $40000. Good Luck!
  4. meg228

    Bridgeport Interview

    I have my interview with Bridgeport/SCSU tomorrow afternoon. Anyone else interviewed there yet? Any tips?
  5. meg228

    graduate classes prior to applying

    Just wanted to thank everyone for all of their input. I definitely plan on contacting the programs to find out what they reccomend as well. Also just to clarify what duckboy said. TNCC (which I already have) is not quite like CCRN. It is more like an advanced ACLS class pertaining more to trauma related topics. There in a certification for ED nurses called CEN which I think is more along the lines of what Athlein1 was referring to. Any other thoughts as to how helpful undergrad physics would be?? Thanks Again!
  6. meg228

    graduate classes prior to applying

    I was wondering if anyone had started taking graduate classes prior to being accepted in to a CRNA program to get a "head start". If so, any reccomendations for which classes are best? Obviously it would be somewhat program specific but in general I was just wondering if this is a common practice. I am also pondering whether or not to go back and take an undergrad physics class as this was not included in my B.S. curriculum. I have heard confilicting opinions as to how helpful it would be. Let me know what you think!! Thanks!
  7. meg228

    CT CRNA programs

    Coug RN, thanks for the link. Definitely some helpful info in that thread. I too noticed that no one really seems to be posting about schools in the northeast which the area that I am focusing on. Thanks again!!
  8. meg228

    CT CRNA programs

    I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has applied to and interviewed with any of the CRNA programs in CT (St Raphael's, New Britain GH or Bridgeport). What type of experience and academic record you have and how was the interview? Was there clinical questions, etc...? I am planning on applying for 2005 and want to get an early start on what to expect. Thanks so much!!