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After 3 weeks.....


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My oldest son is 17, had his appendix out 3 weeks ago and we are finally finding out the reason for his incisional infection and multiple abscesses.

When his surgery was over Dr told us everything went well. His current surgeon found out that the sac that they removed the appendix in, ruptured when he brought it out thru the abdominal wall. So much for "everything went well".

Son has 2 appendix stones at the base of his wound that are being removed tomorrow. Has had the largest(4inch) abscess drained and will have CT scan to check the remaining abscesses on Wed.

I am so angry that the Dr didn't inform me of that sac rupturing. Is he that stupid to think I wouldn't find out the reason for the stones being lodged in his wound??

I have some connections at that hospital and Chief of Surgery has been to see me and will be following up with me regarding the multiple problems we have had since dear son's surgery.

Just bare with me as I process this all.

Lev, BSN, RN

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Wow...I hope everything works out. Sleazy surgeon..Probably not that uncommon because many are bigoted.


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I remember you posting before...I'm so sorry to hear about the good doctor's work. :madface: How is he feeling? Not great I imagine. Hugs!!

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Just bare with me as I process this all.
I am so sorry you and your son are going through this. Be mindful that the Allnurses.com community is here for you to provide virtual support whenever you need it. (((hugs)))

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Sorry to hear that your son is having a difficult recovery. I would be furious, at least the Chief Surgeon is concerned enough to follow through. You must have made an impression. I think any time our loved ones are involved in illness it is difficult, when it is screwed up by someone it is extremely frustrating. We are here for you!!! Hang in there!!!


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We are home and hopefully to not have any further problems.

Chief of Surgery called and we talked for 45 minutes. He is taking sons case to Mortality and Morbidity board with the surgeons. I told him that I completely understand that complications happen but I question the integrity of a surgeon who would lie to family and tell them all went well when indeed there was a complication. That was just one of the issues I had with this surgeon.