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Affinity abnormal Opinion 4


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Drug screen posted abnormal on Affinity for TPAPN. Anybody on TPAPN dealt with this? What to expect? It's not positive or dilute. No slip ups here. So I don't know why it's abnormal.

catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

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Because your soooo close to being finished?

I had a test post as abnormal. My CM said it was dilute. Only thing that happened was I received an email.

My TPAPN dilute said dilute. A specimen that had sat too long and had too much bacteria to do an EGT said invalid. My understanding from the MRO is that if specific gravity and creatinine is low it's dilute. If just one of those is too low that it's abnormal.

So sorry you are dealing with this. I don't know how they can expect the over 200 specimens we produce during the course of this are always going to be perfection.

Big Blondie, ADN, BSN, MSN

Has 32 years experience.

My creatinine was 19. Just said to eat. Blah blah blah. So ready for this bs to be over.

My creatinine was 19. Just said to eat. Blah blah blah. So ready for this bs to be over.

Glad that's all it was. We all live in fear of false positives. Seems like they could tell you what the problem was instead of letting you go days wondering what the heck "abnormal" means and envisioning sickening scenarios of having to start this hell all over again, or looking forward to days and weeks and hundreds of dollars in additional tests, or god forbid getting kicked out!

Jeez, they have total control over our lives, we can go crazy with the fear, the uncertainty etc while to them it's no big deal. I hate this. I am so sick of it all. Really glad it turned out ok, just sorry they put you through this. I have 118 days left, I count the days every single day.

Persephone Paige, ADN

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I have no 'wisdom' on drug screens anymore. I have operated under the incorrect assumption that if I do what I am supposed to do, and don't do what I'm not supposed to do, all will be well. The only thing I have ever worried about is a dilute. I just had a 'positive' for alcohol. I'm glad you situation worked out, BB.