I feel so used..

  1. I been interning at a medical spa who plans on paying me $25/hour as an RN. They said they are going to make a schedule for me but its been a couple weeks now and I still haven't got my schedule. Then they tell me for the meantime I can bring in my friends or family who want free laser treatments done and practice on them. The problem is that they are not paying me and I still need to pay for gas and food. I feel like I'm being used to bring in patients for them and maybe I won't even get the job in the end because I found out they are still interviewing other nurses for a while now. Does anyone think its worth the experience though? Like maybe I can put on my résumé that I interned at this facility. What do you all think?
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  3. by   amoLucia
    You're NOT getting paid?!?!?!? I'd get out of there fast!
  4. by   RNewbie
    I would not be working for free. On the other hand, getting trained to work in the aesthetics field is a plus. How long have they not been paying you? Sounds like they just need an RN in the spa and are using you as a place holder until they find someone with aesthetics experience. You could take what you have learned there and work at another spa. From what I've learned most spas use different equipment and products so you will have a general idea but you would still need to be trained again. If you are feeling used, you probably are. Good luck, hope everything works out.
  5. by   LadyMystic
    Yeah, no pay at all. :[ Do you think its possible for me to write this experience in my resume and state that I did this number of laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, and vein therapy?? Or am I going to have a problem since they didn't actually hire me nor state that i'm interning for them. Its been weeks now @ RNewbie
  6. by   RNewbie
    Yea I would definitely use it on a resume. I would put it under a separate section titled "training" or "internships" or something like that. Can't you just talk to them about when you can expect to officially be offered a paid position? I'm sure they understand you have bills.
  7. by   amoLucia
    I have mixed thoughts about using that position on your resume. Yes, it does reflect experience, however, the agency may sink your boat if references are necessary.

    Something's not right to me -- they're not paying you (but they promised). You're not on an employee schedule (does that sound legitimate - like they don't recognize you as an employee?) They haven't called your position there an internship You're bringing in PRACTICE CLIENTS (are they signing consents? Will there be insurance coverage for problem treatments or are they just 'guinea pigs? And you'll be liable? Sounds like lawsuit bait). And they're STILL INTERVIEWING.

    Sorry, but I don't think they want you deep down. So why are they holding on to you? You take all the risk and FOR FREE!!! You leave, and I don't think they'll be magnanimous to be giving you good references.

    Just curious - how long has this been going on?
  8. by   LadyMystic
    @RNewbie-I talked to the manager and he told me he won't be paying me for all the patients I bring in not until he makes a schedule for me. And the initial reason for lagging on my schedule was because he wants to double book patients so that two nurses can work the same time, which I thought was okay. But now I'm thinking this is just a business strategy to use potential nurses (idk if this is happening to any other nurses being trained) to bring in patients and have them do a free treatment then have to pay for the follow ups. They call me only when they want me and don't even give me a parking pass so I have to park elsewhere. I feel like since I'm a new grad I'm desperate for some experience and I don't have other options as I would like so everything they are doing to me is okay?

    @amoLucia-thing is I'm very sweet to the manager, the md, the staff. Whatever they need I'll do it for them so I feel like if I were to refer them they wouldn't say anything bad. Except that if I do find a better place to work at and leave them then that might be the time they might sink my boat. So idk if the résumé thing might be a good or bad thing now..
    They keep leading me on as if I'm going to be hired. I recently done a treatment on a client of mine but I didn't sign anything stating I did the treatment, which concerns me. Basically my clients are "guinea pigs" and they are okay with that as long as I'm doing the treatment.
    Ah, why can't they just tell me they for want me instead of leading me on and wasting my gas..:/ I just feel so used. This has been going on for 2 weeks. But I'm planning to just stop going and not write this experience in my résumé. I don't want to be used. ;/
  9. by   imintrouble
    I don't know if you have malpractice insurance, but you're not covered under the spa, since you're not an employee.
    That by itself would stop me from working there.
  10. by   Marshall1
    You need to leave the job - NOW. There is no reason to be working for free and frankly, I don't think working in a spa will be of much benefit to another employer unless you are going into the same type of work - you can list it on your resume under additional training or something. This place does not sound ethical or legal..have you checked on the license of these people? You owe them nothing..you've worked hard, I assume, for your license, why risk it on what sounds like a slick talking manager? You feel like you are being used because you ARE being used. Why spend another day, more gas/time working for them? This is crazy and NOT in your best interest.
  11. by   littlekaneRN
    I would be VERY leery of this "job".. as the above posters mentioned, you are likely not covered by their insurance and lasers can do permanent damage to patients if you don't know what you're doing or what to look for. I would run..
  12. by   kat7464
    What are you doing?! Making no money for all of your blood, sweat, and tears in nursing school, in a job that will lead nowhere. Get out, find something that will use your skills and gifts to actually benefit others, aside from assuaging their vanity. Listen to Marshall1.... Get a real nursing job.
  13. by   LadyMystic
    Thanks everyone! I officially decided to leave that "place".
  14. by   amoLucia
    CLAP CLAP CLAP !!!! The more you explain, the more I believe the head honcho is stringing you along. And altho you care for your coworkers, they're not writing you a paycheck nor will they back you up should things go wrong. It's your liability and license on the line!

    And don't be too trusting of those treatment referrals you made. They will be dialing the lawyers should there be a discoloration or scar or something. And the fact that you're not signing or documenting those treatments is VERY SUSPICIOUS to me.

    Good luck.