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Advise on Transitions/NC7??


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Hey guys, Im scheduled to take the Transitions course on 6/6. My question is...we all know this course is VERY boring...I cant get myself into actually reading the chapters as I usually do. So, is it sufficient enough to use the RUE QRG and EC Content Guide together with the recommended texts (I do have all of them) to make flashcards for the course---memorize them---and pass?? I just cant get myself to do this any other way. So far, Ive finished the first 3 sections and 1 page of the 4th (last) section of the Content Guide---so Im hoping this will be sufficient. I took the first practice test and it didnt seem too bad. I got in this high 60s without cracking the book. Looking for some advise....hope yall have some for me...Thanks...


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As long as you are learning what's in the EC study guide, you should be okay. I'm not familiar with RUE material, so I can't comment on that! :)

I read the recommended Fundamental's chapters twice, along with L.A. notes and EC practice exams.


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I used studyguide 101 for this test and passed after 2 weeks of studying!!! Just too boring couldnt handle it much longer than that!

Good Luck

Can anybody sent me some links on practice test for nursing concept 7....

I take my test in july.

Besides the practice test which Excelsior offers for $65.. any other help would get me through this exam.

I am reading the text, LA notes also.

Hi Felicia thank you for your reply.

I wish you luck with your exam.


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I broke down and bought studyguide101. I just can't do the material otherwise, it makes my eyes cross. I use that, the content guide, and the practice tests. Studyguide's content compares to the textbooks, which I have already gone through, but just can't get into.

Let me know how that test goes. I am trying to decide whether to that one before Lifespan 3/NC6? Any suggestions on NC6?

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