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Advise PLZ


I took the board three times.. My first two attempts got 75 questions.. my third attempt I have gotten 235 questions... I thought I did really well but I did the PVT and I got a bad pop up.. I have used Saunders, Hurst, Kaplan and NCBSN.... I am mentally tired.. I feel I have improved so much I have done private tutoring with Joan workshop learned how to answer critical thinking... I walked in third time with confidence.. I wasn't nervous and I was happy getting over 75 questions...

I am taking a break since I will be traveling for few weeks..

Any advise? Any idea about what next review I can register The Remar Review anyone heard about it??

Thank you...

Heard good things and looked at some of her videos before I took my nclex

Do you recommend me to take The Remar Review.. since I have to take online Review before I register for my 4th attempt... thank you for the reply!

Do you feel Joan's workshops are worth the money and did they help any? Also with NCSBN did you do the content or just questions?

Joan workshop made me stronger in critical thinking worth the money YES! Make sure to take her when you already reviewed your contents and ready to review questions with her... the Good thing about her workshops now there's Nurses who are teaching the sessions not only her! I did only questions not contents.. I am sick of reviewing contents :/ I have done questions and i found them easier!!!

Ok thanks so much because I was really skeptical of her workshops

Don't be skeptical of her workshops.. I have gotten 75 twice when I took her workshop I am near passing not sure I didn't receive my report.. I did the trick today and I got bad pop up... when are you taking your board? no problem!