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Hello everyone! Im just new here in this site. I just wanna ask you guys about the nclex especially who just took it recently. Is it 1 month of (4 hrs practicing Q&A in am, & 4hrs in pm) preparation is enough? How did you prepare? Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)


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I took one of those study courses I think I paid 100 dollars for it. It was worth it. Study up to a couple of days before the exam then relax. (I know it's hard to do but relax) My theory is if you don't know it by the day before the exam your not going to know it. Cramming won't help. Personally it just confuses me. My test time was in the morning I took myself out to breakfast before then took my test. Good Luck

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You would get further ahead by doing 100 questions per day, then stopping. That would give you at least 3000 before the exam. I recommend 3000 to 4000 for my students. And highly recommend the Saunders book for review. Their CD is wonderful. The most important and best part is that it also reviews the incorrect answers and why they were not the best choice. This is as important as knowing the correct answer.

Good luck with your exam.......... :)


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i just took the nclex and i feel like there's no way to prepare it.

however, i would recommend practice nclex-style questions. kaplan question were great for priority which was huge in my nclex. it teaches you how to think. i used saunder as a study guide. set a schedule: 1week of ped, 1week of psy, 1week of ob, 2weeks of med-surg. it varies according to your strengths. for me, i didn't study psy because i didn't feel the need to review it. just understand the concept and practice questions.

good luck!!!


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Thank you so much for your reply guys. To Suzanne, i have the green Saunders. Do i have to get the updated one? To Janetrette, goodluck & dont give up the faith for the result. Keep us posted, okay.

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The "green" Saunders is just fine. Just try to do about 100 questions per day.

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