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I have a 3 year old daughter at home and my dh and I have decided that I am going ot take my pre req starting spring quarter and then when she goes to kindergarten I will go full time to finish my nursing part, here is my problem...

For RN it takes 7 quarters and LPN is 4. I want to be there for my daughter for field trips and so on, I am a BIG softy when it comes to her. Anyway, should I go for LPN and go back later for RN later? If I do go back is it only 3 quarters that I have to go?

Please advice me!!!???



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Trish - only you can make that decision. Nursing is a very large commitment and it can play havoc with your priorities, especially as a parent. If you take the LPN route, you will be finished in less time, but there will be more school in your future if you decide you want to be an RN.

I had the same conflict when I was considering going back to finish my RN (I was an LPN for many years). Typically, school schedules are matched to your local school system, so you generally have the same days off from school that your child does (at least that was the way it was for me). This worked out very well for me and the kids. However, I was unable to attend many of their field trips and other events because I was either in class or clinical. It was a real sacrifice for me, but something I really felt I had to do. My kids are now teenagers (except for one) and they do not remember that moment in time when I was in school. What they remember now is my attendance at games, school events, etc. So, I think that if your daughter is young enough, she really won't remember that you were not as visible with her school events during this period of time. Remember, your return to school and completion of your RN will benefit you and your family. While there is sacrifce to finish school, in my opinion, the sacrfice is well worth it.

Ultimately, you are the only one that make the decision that is best for your situation and your life. Good luck and best wishes in nursing school.:rolleyes:


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I know that this is a very hard decision for you to make. I think that maybe you should do the 7 quarters and get it overwith if that is your ultimate goal b/c then you will be there for everything that she goes through from then on. I don't know. I know that it's a tough decision to make. I wish you luck.


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RN's have a larger choices of positions and shifts to choose from.

There are less LPN slots and limits to the areas you can work.

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If you're goal is to be an RN, and you are able to swing it, I say go for the RN now and get it out of the way. Otherwise it will be hanging over your head. There's a shortage of RNs out there (and LPNs too) so the money is much better for those three quarters (about 7.00/hr more around here, just for those three quarters), plus the job offers might be more for the RN where you live, as it is here.

As was said only you can make that decision. Good luck!!!!! Good to hear you have your priorities in order. But it takes a family, there's going to be sacrifice all around from the whole family.


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I would go for the RN if I could. There seems to me more flexibility in work scheduling and that is important to you. You could work less and earn more money-this enabling you to stay home more with your little girl later down the road. She is going to be in school for 12 years and there will be lots of field trips and events to come.

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