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Good day! :wavey: I am considering trying my luck as a nurse in New Zealand. Can anyone here help me and tell me what to expect in the 2-3months competency assessment? Is it really like... Read More

  1. by   steppybay
    Quote from greenjungle
    With the volume of PH RNs rushing toward NZ, it wouldn't be a surprise if they will soon have more than enough nurses to go around.
    So true.

    With over 200,000 unemployed of us PH grads and nurses, with the USA, quickly closing their doors (due to needing a valid SSN or more states that are denying applications due to the concurrency issues, lack of clinical hours or missing courses), many of the domestic job markets in the States not hiring or very limited jobs open to mostly the local grads, many of my friends are flocking over to AU or NZ, but soon, that may stop soon.

    I see that even USA students are now applying into AU and NZ as the job market in the States has a very high unemployment rate for new grads. But it does seem like more of the USA students are having a greater chance of getting jobs in AU and NZ, according to my friends who are USC.
  2. by   Titanium888
    US hospitals prefer hiring trained and experienced nurses. It's all about funding allocation, you know. It's more expensive to train a new grad than to hire an experienced imported nurse. Having said that, it doesn't mean that US hospitals are keen to import all overseas experienced nurses. They are just limiting their preference in experienced nurses who are already around the state. Again, this is about money. AU and NZ will soon experience the same, though, some are already limiting their resources with hiring experienced nurses around the country with PR and registration at hand. What's driving NZ to employ more imported nurses is the fact that the old nurses are joining the bandwagon to Aussie. But, more and more NZ nursing grads are in the country now and hospitals are training them well. The hospital I'm with used to go to the Philippines and get RNs (with provisions and benefits) to be trained and get employment in DHB. That was 3 years ago. It's not happening now. Those Filipino nurses were very lucky. Hospitals and nursing homes are still experiencing staff shortage here (people come and go, you know. They go to Aussie, UK or Saudi for money or travel, or both) so there are still more jobs waiting for migrant nursing (registered nurses) workers here at the moment. It's not only getting jobs in NZ or Aussie that attract people from all over the world (UK, India, Europe), it's merely the laidback lifestyle and good-naturedness of the country itself.
  3. by   pinkpuffer23
    It's sad the Nz nursing council won't answer me back thru email. I guess i'll. Try to call them instead.. I hope they accept my 480 hours of volunteer nursing and training with certificate. As stated on their requirements it's only 480 hours. I have r.n. license in California but I'm also having a hard time asking for another copy of registration certificate...please let me know if trainings are accepted cause they have accepted my friends certificate way back 2007/2008. Thank you
  4. by   lytning
    Hello. I am on Stage 1 of my NCNZ application. I don't have a credit card and my only option is bank draft. IS ANZ the only bank recognized by the NCNZ council to issue a bank draft or do I have other options. What banks are associated with ANZ (within the Philippines)? I can't seem to find any thread regarding this. Thanks a lot.