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As most of you know, I have been recommending initial licensure in NY for quite some time. And for those of you that did not heed the warning, you now know why. New York is three easy... Read More

  1. by   nurse_anne
    hello to everyone and to suzanne, its nice to know that there is such a great website and a forum like this which can help a lot of nurses everywhere. i am a new rn, and like others too, i'm really confused what move to make after getting my licensed. i posted a query about new jersey because that was my original plan, but after reading a lot of threads here, i've realize that it better for me to take ny, so here goes my status and plan, hope you can help me make the right move. thanxs a lot!!!

    - i graduated last march 2005 @ philippines
    - passed the local board exam last june
    - got my license # last august 10, but not yet the hard copy of my license which would be release this october 4
    - i applied for cgfns exam for november 2005, but my problem is i only filed my application form and the form from my school last july 27, before august 10, which is the deadline of cgfns, but not the registration/validation of license because i was scheduled to be registered last august 10 only, so i filed the registration/ validation of license that day, prc told me it will take 2-3 weeks for the mailing process.
    - it's about 4 weeks after i filed my application form, and still i didn't receive any confirmation letter from cgfns and also the cgfns id #.
    - i am worried, that i wouldn't be able to make it this november 9,
    - do you think i would be able to be rostered this november or in march?
    - do you think i made the right move taking the cgfns exam even i apply for ny bon, thinking i will be needing it when i plan to take endorsement to other state like nj, once i'm there, or it wouldn't help at all?
    - when will i file for the visa screen? after taking cgfns or nclex exam?

    - i am planning to take nclex exam for ny state.
    - i am still waiting for my cgfns # before applying for cvs, so they wouldn't be confused looking for my files.
    or it's better i wouldn't wait for my cgfns # and send my cvs application now, even without my #, but still check the box that i had applied to other programs of cgfns)
    - i am planning to send my application form to ny bon.
    - is it ok to file my application maybe november because my friend told me, it only take 2-4 weeks for the processing, or its better to file the cvs and ny application at the same time?

    - then, i'll take my ielts exam this december.
    - when i get my eligibility from ny, then i will apply for pearson vue for my att, maybe march.
    is it ok to apply for pearson vue around february even without eligibility from ny? or will i wait for my eligibility first?

    - do you think i made the right move?

    :angel2: thank you very much!
  2. by   nayeli0016
    Hi, just an additional question, Suzanne is it true that application for NY BON takes a relatively long time which is why some agencies prefer nurses to take CGFNS so they can start the visa screen application ASAP? Because as far as I know, some nurses are thinking of taking the CGFNS to start the immigrant visa petitioning, so when the time comes their application to sit for the NCLEX exam is approved then most probably their immigrant visa application is approved also... So far NM BON is the fastest which takes like a month or so, while other states that don't require the CGFNS but have have CES can take a long long time also before the nurses can even receive their ATT.
  3. by   suzanne4
    NM requires the CES.
    An agency can tel you what ever they want you to do, NY doens' t take that long, usually about three to four months and that is for the ATT to sit for the exam, and you have all documents in for the Visa Screen as well.

    Now you do the math.............for the CGFNS exam, you must have all required documents in to them at least 90 days before the exam, inlcuding your transcripts from your school, etc. Then you sit for the exam, then it takes another month before you even know if you pass the exam, so you have spent an extra few hundred dolars plus preparation for an exam that is nothing like the NCLEX exam. And you are nofarther ahead then from when you started.

    If you can afford to take the NCLEX exam before you arrive in the US, then there is absolutely no reason to take the time to write the CGFNS exam.

    This is my opinion and I am sticking to it. That is also why many states no longer require the CGFNS exam, only the CES exam. Too much time is wasted.
  4. by   NextSummer
    Quote from suzanne4
    Very easy to make up the hours, they just have to be in an approved school of nursing.............I don't think that you will have any issue if MN accepted them.
    Hi Suzanne,

    It's me again. I searched some local community college websites around my place, and it's not easy to find a course to make up my pediatric clinical hours. They have RN postgraduate certificate courses, but the thing is that I have to take at least 2 courses before being able to register practicum courses. Then it takes almost a year to make up. Isn't it so unfair to go to school one more year after BSN...? Also, the clinical hours in such certificate programs are not that intensive. Some are just 30 something hours of clnical.
    Do you have any idea about that? CA asks me to submit breakdown of my educational program, and this makes me worry a little. (MN does not require such a form.)

    I wish I could make up some possibly missing courses before applying for my license. If I could do that, then where can I document that in the CA lisence application? They seem to ask only for profesional registered nursing school records.

    By the way, neonatal intensive care is considered as pediatrics or obstetrics?
    How about breast feeding certificate courses? It is definitely ob, right?

    Thanks so much.

    Breast feeding classes are not going to count towards your clinical hours. My suggestion is to submit what you have and see what they say............

    NICU is under peds, not maternal health.
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  5. by   reyaguilar
    I'm in Phoeniz AZ and taking up ADN in a college. I will be graduating (God willing) this December2005. Meanwhile, I took and passed the LPN NCLEX. My problem is: I'm not a US citizen. I have an F1 visa and my SS "prohibits" me from working. What should I do after graduation? Should I get an immigration lawyer to help me change status? Can I apply for residency while still an LPN?
  6. by   suzanne4
    You cannot do anything as far as immigration with the LPN license. I would have told you just to skip it. You must have the RN behind your name, and pass the NCLEX-RN before anyhting can be processed for you. You will also need to have a Visa Screen Certificate, and you cannot even apply for this until you have a completed set of transcripts from an RN program.
  7. by   jonRNMD
    hi to all!

    i have 2 questions suzanne: a) if i receive my ATT from NY BON, how long would be the grace period for me to take the test? 90 days? b) ive heard of stories of delayed and missing applications, would it be "safer" and faster if i send by courier 2 or maybe 3 downloaded filled-up application forms of visa screen and CVS together with 2 or maybe 3 required papers (TOR) a few days from each other?

    errrr....sori for my silly questions :uhoh21:
  8. by   suzanne4
    Welcome to Allnurses.com...........

    You will first receive a letter from NY that you meet all requirements for licensure excet for the NCLEX-RN exam. You will not receive the actual ATT until you pay the fee to Pearson-Vue and they have also received notification from the NY BON. Once you pay the actual fee, then you have 90 days to test.

    You only need to send one set, but please make sure that they are sent by courier service.
  9. by   jonRNMD
    thanks suzanne4.......you really are a great help to us international nurses.....i spent a great deal of time reading all your advises at this thread and from a 0% knowledge to almost 100% knowledge regarding application.....thank you so much.....God bless
  10. by   suzanne4
    You are very, very welcome.................
  11. by   jonRNMD
    i followed miss suzanne4's advice for the NY BON......upon downloading the Form 1 of the NY BON, i noticed that i still have to notarize the last (fourth) page of the Form 1......my question is, can i have the last page notarized by a local lawyer or probably in out city hall instead of the US embassy?? would it matter coz it did not indicate that the notary should be done in a US embassy/consulate??

    thanks for the info =)
  12. by   suzanne4
    I would have it done by the Embassy. That way there is no room for any possibility of needing to have it redone. In any foreing country, if the documents are required to be notarized for the US, it is best to have done at the Embassy where they have US notaries.
  13. by   jonRNMD
    thanks again suzanne4 =)