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As most of you know, I have been recommending initial licensure in NY for quite some time. And for those of you that did not heed the warning, you now know why. New York is three easy... Read More

  1. by   nayeli0016
    Thank you so much for your time Suzanne

    Good luck to everyone else!
  2. by   rn_05
    hi, it's me again, anyway, i'm almost done filling out the cgfns cvs, ny bon form, and visascreen, i just want to know if i'll be doing the right thing if i check the H1C box instead of planning on obtaining a permanent residence? My sister who's residing in connecticut, told me that the waiting time will be faster if i just go with H1C visa first. But since, i've been consulting you for such a time now, I want to hear from you too.

    And also, regarding the notarization of the documents, can i just go to a "common" notary public and have it notarized or do i need to go to the US embassy for it?

    Thank you for your time and help..

    Oh, and by the way, about the Visascreen form, I left #16 (nclex), #17 (ielts) blank since i don't have both yet...is it alright?
  3. by   suzanne4
    Do not check off H1-C under any circumstance, these visas are basically not available. You have ot meet the same requirements for permanent residency, etc. Sorry, but your sister is wrong in this case, it will only cause yo umore grief and actually hold up things longer. There are only specific hospitals that can offer an H1-C visa, and they are not in places where you would like to be working; when they are even available.

    Put that you are applying for permanent residency in any area that asks for immigration status. For the NY BON applicatiom, also include a copy of your passport.

    I would go to the US Embassy to get your documents notorized.
  4. by   shanks24
    hi suzanne! i have a question regarding work experience vs. training
    coz i went to this seminar and he mentioned that work experience is not so important because unfortunately i guess due to lack of funds nursing practice in my country it can be somewhat different (some practices are sort of obsolete) compared to nx practice in the US then he says that what's more important is getting into training/workshop which will issue a certificate accredited by BONs in the US or is it also equally essential to get a work experience as well?
  5. by   suzanne4
    Wrong information from that person, sorry. It doesn't matter how many certificates that you have from outside of the US, it will not help in any way as far as getting a position here. The facility will hire "new grads" or they will want at least two years of experience in a specialty area. The certification doesn' take the place of experience and they are looking for that, when possible.

    I know of several facilities that aren't hiring any foreign med-surg nurses, but as far as speciialty nurses with two years experience, will do that in a second.

    Selling a training class means thatr you are doing just that..........selling and getting money for it, I am sure that they are not offering the course for free.
  6. by   rn_05
    suzanne, which is better, putting my address here in the philippines or putting my sis' address in connecticut as the mailing address for my cgfns and ny forms? will it affect my application? Some people say that processing will be faster if i use a US address since the mailing time will be shorter from state to state, then my sister can just use an overnight courier service to send it to me.

    sorry to bother you again...
  7. by   suzanne4
    Your sister's address would be faster but it depends on when you are planning to come to the US. If after the time that you have your green card, then your own address is fine, but if you won't be there when they are do to arrive, use your sister's. ATT can be sent via e-mail from Pearson-Vue for the NCLEX exam, you just need the VSC to take to the Embassy or close to that date.

    It all depends on what you are planning to do...........
  8. by   rn_05
    Well, actually I'm really confused, dunno if i'm doing the right thing. I finally got my license number from the registration authority here in the Philippines and so I'll be sending my CGFNS CVS, NY BON Form, and Visascreen this coming week. With regards to my plans, I'm currently taking the courses (online) required by the NY BON , after that, I'll be taking the IELTS exam. Then, i'll be waiting for my eligibility to sit for NCLEX from the NY BON. My sister is looking for an employer who would petition me (my sis is a nurse in Connecticut). So suzanne, am I on the right track?

    Going back to the mailing address for the forms I mentioned above, what can you finally suggest? Philippine add or US add? I don't really know when I am coming to the US, it all depends on the approval of these applications.

    Lastly, can I send you a sample of the filled-out forms so you can comment or suggest anything that would make me fill-in the entries correctly? THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HELP!!!
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  9. by   suzanne4
    You are doing everything correctly. It is your choice as to which address to use. Depends on when you think that you will be in the US.

    You can send them to me via e-mail and I will take a look at them.........
  10. by   Diadora
    hello everybody!
    I am new here and for 3 hours I read all this thread.
    Suzanne4, please, I would like to ask you this: I have a friend in Romania, she is family phisician, and asked me if she could apply for licensure in Nursing in the US. I don't know. Can she?
  11. by   suzanne4
    Sorry but no, your friend must graduate from nursing school first. She will be required to attend at least two years depending on the program that she attends. Being a nurse and being a physician require different training.
  12. by   Diadora
    Quote from suzanne4
    Sorry but no, your friend must graduate from nursing school first. She will be required to attend at least two years depending on the program that she attends. Being a nurse and being a physician require different training.
    thank you for your prompt response
    I saw on another thread "AOS". What does it mean?
    And what means USCIS?
    Best wishes! :flowersfo
  13. by   suzanne4
    AOS is adjustment of staus.
    USCIS is immigration/procesing for US green cards............they handle all of the immigration things.