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hey guys, haven't been here for a while...but just to let you guys know that I had a face to face interview yesterday with my canadian employer and it was tough three people in the panel.. ... Read More

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    You guys,....Thank you!!

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    Quote from dopey&dopier
    [font="Comic Sans MS"]After a long, frustrating six months....

    I just rang CNO to update myself to see if they have received some files I sent them week

    before last, in support of my application.

    Guess what?? I got through....Im eligible to take the exam...I was in shock...I asked the

    lady to repeat almost everythig she was saying...I just couldn't believe what I

    was hearing ....

    My heart and my mind had accepted the fact that it will take another two

    months before the CNO decide on my case...but here it is .... Im just so elated...

    Getting this far and being able to receive this decision was really difficult

    Congrats Dopey!!! You really deserve it! I think Canada will be in for a treat

    for having youbowingpur:bowingpur
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    To Filipino nurses who works in Ontario. Just one question, if I take an MA here for a year, maybe around 10-12 units, would it be already equivalent to a graduate school?
    Sorry, just saw this now.
    The MAN courses that are offered in your country are not the same as the MSN over here. Or in Canada either.

    They will not get you any higher salary or job. Or give extra credit with immigration for a visa for either country.
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    thank you for that suzanne. But I want to know if I have my MA, I wont have to undergo the bridging program like in toronto. Because from what a friend from Canada told me, MA here in the Philippines is just like a graduate school in Canada since we lack 2 years compare to Canada's curriculum....

    So far, that is my only reason why I want to take an MA.