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I have applied for a work visa for the position as a dialysis nurse. I was filed last april 1 2009 and was wondering when will i get to have a visa? Anyone with a similar status of mine???:specs:... Read More

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    Hello again! sorry i still cant send PM...try to google h1b visa and you will find all the answers you needed. But, here are some info. H1b is a visa for a specialty occupation such as nurse, a year experience will do if that is the requirement of your petitioner. There is a lot of paper work involved and your petitioner is the one responsible for this. In my case, we use a lawyer and around 6000usd is the estimated expenses your employer will spend. H1b visa also has a cap of 60,000 meaning there is a limit every year, at this time the cap maybe has not been reached. This are just some of the many info's...enjoy browsing! God Bless!!!
    hello.. may I know your location and which employer are you??
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    currently, i am here in jeddah...im a direct hire from an employer from san diego ca.
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    hi I'm new here. I want to share my story and ask some questions. I'm a BSN-RN passed Nclex, IELTS, with a 2 yrs paid hospital exp. I already applied H1b visa last May 2009. My employer hired me as a charge nurse. USCIS asked for an RFE in July 2009 and sent it and received Sept 2009. In USCIS website it was stated that you should expect to receive a decision within 60 days. I waited for almost 4 months (120 days) which is so frustrating. Then in January 2010 I got denied in my petition. I was so really confused what went wrong with my credentials or is it my employer's problem. Many questions that are bothering in my mind and so frustrated because of this. So I have decided to wait for the reason of the denial. My atty. contacted me and told me I was denied because they did not receive my evidence which is not our fault. They confirmed it in their USCIS website that they receive my RFE Sept 2009, luckily i still have the mail receipt which is my evidence that I mailed it to the USCIS. So me and my atty. decided to file MTR (motion to reconsider) in February 2010. I waited for so long praying hoping this burden will end with a good decision. June 2010 USCIS opened my MTR case and they ask another RFE which is so complicated co'z the USCIS wants me to prove if I am really qualified for it. So its up to my atty. to prove to them. Sent my evidence July 2010 and they confirmed in their website that they received it. Again it's a waiting game. I should expect to receive a decision this end of September which is 60 days. Until now still waiting for there final decision.
    Is there any Nurse here from the Philippines applied H1b and got approved this year and NOT a MSN (Masters in Nursing) or a specialty nurse and has less than 2yrs of experience? I just want to know your story also. hoping you can inspire me.
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    Hello! kabayan your case is complicated huh'' but i hope there is light at the end of the tunnel..few days to go and September is over...if my memory serves me right, base on what i have read in some of the postings here, Yes! there are some who were able to get H1b visa w/out MAN or specialty area and with less than 2yrs experience...Goodluck to us...
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    Just pray...hope everything will be fine!...believe that there's no glory without sacrifice...
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    @byblos747: hi kababayan! yah it's almost the end of September, I hope my petition will be fine. I know my experience in this petition is very complicated, I have done a lot of sacrifices. Did you also apply for H1b in US? Good luck to both of us. Where are u located in phil?

    @nnaybur: Yes only prayers will help us. I have encountered a lot of sacrifices in this petition and I will never give up on this. Even I got denied on January 2010 honestly I almost lost my faith. I thought their is no more chance but when I receive the reason of my denial letter their is still hope to file for MTR. Because of this experience I have learned a lot of lessons. Just believe in God and everything will be OK
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    @ JNC2010- currently i am here in jeddah,but i am from Calamba, Laguna, my petittioner is a homecare owner from san diego, ca. I am expecting that by oct 15, i will be able to know the result of my application.
    May i ask what RFE they asked from you...Tnx and God Bless!
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    @byblos747: I am from cebu. They are asking for my qualifications and more about the petitioner and reason why they hire me but still got denied because they said they did not receive any documents, but honestly I sent it before due date. hopefully this time my documents is not misplaced and If I will be denied again I hope it's a good reason not because they did not receive anything. It's really hard to wait for a year like my case because I thought H1b takes only 6 months to process everything. Do you have masters degree or proof that you are working in a specialized area? how many years of hospital experience? I'm really scared because of my qualifications. I just have 2 years of experience as an OR nurse and I don't have masters degree. They said that the Immigration now a days are strict. I hope not. Lets just pray for our case. God knows we have done everything and he will do the rest. I will keep u updated with my case. And keep me updated also. Thanks for your reply. Good luck to both of us.
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    Next time you have your documents sent maybe you should have it sent through certified mail. I can feel your frustrations, and the waiting game is horrible. Good Luck
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    @JNC2010...hello again! i do not have masters degree and have 3yrs hospital experience, i am a Psychiatric nurse and what i provided them is my work certification.
    My petitioner also made the interview on last Tuesday and she informed me that this is recorded and will be submitted to the USCIS, maybe this is one of their ways to defend their petition. Just last Thursday, the petition was filed and am waiting for 15 days for the result.
    I will keep you posted for any events, lets keep on praying, it is the best and only way for us to do right now! God Bless!!!
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    @mean_gur-198..hi! a friend of mine who is working in that facility referred me. I had previous posted messages for some added info...God Bless!!! Good luck ...
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    @mean_gur-198..hi! a friend of mine who is working in that facility referred me. I had previous posted messages for some added info...God Bless!!! Good luck ...
    I wasnt able to read through the entire thread. I got to page 8 and my eyes hurt already lol. Can you pm me please? I would gladly appreciate that. Id like to get more info. Im still in the process of researching and weighing my options if i still should go with US or some other country
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    Hello again! hahaha, i had the same experience with you when i am reading, but i was able to finish all, my post is on page 40 upwards. I cannot send PM, i dunno why.