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Hi All, Hope I'm posting in the correct place. I've been reading this forum for a long time but don't think I've ever posted before. Advice or infor would be very welcome. Thank you in advance!

Here is my dilemma: Long story first

I graduated nursing School and moved back to my hometown, which is very near a major hospital. I quickly got a job in the NICU of a "Childrens Hospital of >>>My State

In my new city there is a smaller NICU, but has a good reputation. I was quickly recruited and hired by my new NICU. This NICU is much more outdated, but I was promised on hire that a new CHildren's hospital was coming within the year. I was also promised that since I had experience at a large intensive hospital, I would be able to start training for neonatal helicopter transport much more quickly (within a couple years). Well, I am now 6 months into my new job, and I can say that this NICU and position was very sugar coated by my manager. I finished orientation (a half one because I had experience) only to learn that I was only allowed to care for certain infants. Other types of infants or the premies would require extra orientation under a continued learning program. I have asked my coworkers, and many are still on this "learning Program" after 3 years of working here full time. So, I will not be able to start training for helicopter transport for much longer then I was told. I am restricted from caring for the patients that I am really most quallified to care for and am religated to caring for the babies who are about to go home. While I have a lot to learn about this unit and the specific protocols, I find it frustrating that I am not allowed to care for the patients that I feel the most comfortable caring for. Not only that, the unit is so slow that I keep getting called off for "low Census". I believe I have had only 2 full paychecks since starting here. We are allowed to float, but only to Mother-Baby, where we would have to care for the Mothers as well (with no additional training) and I am not comfortable with that idea.

So after my long explanation, here is my question. I am not happy with my unit, or the hospital in general (extrememly mismanaged and focused in all sorts of crazy places, none having anything to do with the patients or employees). There is another hospital in the area (with no NICU) that has a better reputation for treating their employees with respect. I would have to change units (I am ok with this) and would have to apply for jobs with only two jobs on my resume as a nurse. One with only 1.5 years experience, and another with only 6 months or so. Would this hurt my chances? I would hate to be seen as a job "hopper". Thank you for your thoughtful responses.

This is about YOU and your career. If you are that unhappy in your current position..... move on.

Who, exactly, is going to view you as a "job hopper"?

The new facility will either interview you , or not. During the interview, you need to be VERY careful in your explanation as to why you are moving on.

Good luck. Are you SURE this is a good move?

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Apply. You are obviously not happy there. I wouldn't consider your situation as "job hopping" because the first time you moved was due to marriage. I and many of us at my hospital have moved around to different units within the system to find our "niche." The hospital allows it (as long as you're on the unit for at least six months) because they are still retaining you as an employee. Word of advice with transferring, make sure you're in good standing with your current manager because your manager and the manager on the unit you want to apply to will talk with each other.

I worked critical care before transferring to Mother/Baby. I was comfortable taking care of the moms but was a little intimidated for the first few weeks with the infants because I was use to taking care of adult patients. So I understand how you feel as a NICU nurse having to float to that floor and be expected to care for the moms.

Good luck on the job search.

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Move on....

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this might be the time to check out their ER, or ICU........

you have some critical care experience that is desirable......

different units have different personalities.......

I think you said there are no other hospitals in the area?

best wishes for you, I understand your frustration :banghead:

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of note in mid 70s I was working in a state with a rural hospital, and a VA hospital..........salary was painfully, i mean ouch painfully low at rural hospital........I had to transfer to the VA, at that time some 4-5,000$ per per year..........i was "super nurse critical care nurse"..........the only position they had open was on nights on a chronic care almost nursing home type of unit.......I was crushed, depressed, cried, but had NO CHOICE, had to take it for $ reasons.......I did my best.......within three months I was promoted to ER supervisor, and coordinated a "nurse clinician" program, where they took six critical care nurses, educated us with increased assessment skills..........we then did all the H&P, assessments, for patients presenting to outpatient dpt and ER........we could confer with attendings, but the only time we HAD TO clear a patient with physician was if we thought they did not warrant admission.......weworked sorta as nurse practioners, as nurse practioner programs were evolving.........this experience qualified us to sit for the national PAC was very exciting........if i had not stuck it out at that facility, I would never experienced this exciting positiob ;)

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Have you talked to your manager about your dissatisfaction? If not, please do so. S/He deserves to know - and receive a 'head's up' that you are so dissatisfied that you may be moving on. You're a valuable nurse. They may be more than willing to make some changes to improve your job satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the low census issue is probably the most 'un-fixable' factor. If so, they may actually be aiming to decrease staff.

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You should let your manager know that you are dissatisfied with your current position and you are being under-utilized with your skills. I have no idea why they would have such a limited program in place unless they just cannot provide the training, you already have the skills, so that should not be an issue. If you continue to feel unhappy, then go for the other hospital but perhaps do a little research first----is their NICU going to meet your needs? Have you considered other areas of critical care??


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Thank you everyone for your thoughtful replies! To answer some questions in your responses: There are some other positions within the hospital I currently work at, but I am really not impressed with this hospital in general at all. (odd policies, poor benefits) There is another hospital in my town. It is newer, smaller, does not have an NICU to speak of, but has a good reputation for employee satisfaction and has good ICUs and ERs. I think I may start watching their job postings online and contact the recruiter. Thank you all again!