Rounding in hospital as FNP in NJ - time sensitive

  1. Hi All,

    I am an FNP and have an opportunity to work with a family practice that also has rounding privileges in the hospital. I would be rounding 20% of the time. I will verify this question officially with the NJ BON but am also seeking more immediate feedback from members.

    Is it within the scope of practice for FNPs to round in the hospital?

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  3. by   Oldmahubbard
    I have known FNP's to do so, about 10 years ago though.
  4. by   traumaRUs
    In my nephrology practice in IL, FNPs rounded on our patients.
  5. by   lwsoccjs
    I live in FL so can not comment specifically about NJ BON. But, gut reaction is hospital based patients are acute and not primary. FNP is a primary degree. Unless you can demonstrate competency in regards to the syllabus from your primary classes you are taught acute care then you are liable in court. This is obviously a gray area at this present time. But I hope this is the way it turns in the next 5 years. Good luck with whatever you choose
  6. by   BostonFNP
    I round on patients.
  7. by   AnnieNP
    I'm in NJ and rounded on patients in the hospital (I'm an adult NP). I don't do it anymore because my office practice is so much busier now.