1. Hello. I have been an Rn for 10 years and would like to obtain my Bachelors degree and become ARNP . However I do have a discipline on my Rn license related to drug diversion and use. I have completed the monitoring program and all obligations has been satisfied. I am trying to apply to schools but it has been so difficult. I completed the monitoring program 3 years ago and have been working as Rn without any issues. The shooks that i have applied has been asking for so much paperwork and explanations and they still do not guarantee if i will be accepted. My question is even if i get into the college will i be able to get preceptor or clinical site and will i be able to get malpractice insurance and job after I graduate? Should I continue to look for schools or just give up and pursue different carrer. Is it worth it? Any insight would be appreciated.
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  3. by   Persephone Paige
    I don't have experience with this specifically. But I am convinced it's about connections. My experience is different from yours in that I did not hang on to my old license. There was almost more forgiveness with regard to 'the past being the past' for me once I let my first license go. All of my infractions are still associated with my old license number. If an employer types my name into Nursys, 3 things come up. The first two are associated with my old license, the third shows a conditional/active license. Once I complete IPN, the 'conditional' will be removed. Everything will always still be visible, but nothing attached to my current license #. That being said, before I could get that conditional license, I needed an RN refresher course ( board ordered ). I could not get in anywhere. Then I was tipped off about a little private nursing school. It was a small hospital in Kissimmee, where the director of the school knew everyone. She got me in... That was a huge hurdle. I was then issued my conditional/active license.
    Think small... if possible. The big universities don't need your money. They have tons of nurses applying. Check into private institutions... They will be more expensive, but they just might be the ticket.

    Good luck and God bless
  4. by   Dodongo
    I think you would have to contact a lawyer about this. In my mind, if you have a discipline on your license (especially related to diversion) you will never be accepted into any program. They all require an unencumbered/clean license. On top of that, I think any program that grants prescriptive authority is going to view you as a huge liability. Further, I think any clinical site can deny you access to their facilities at their discretion making it very difficult to gain clinical hours.

    Probably, don't get your hopes up here - continue as an RN and just be thankful you have that opportunity.
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