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  1. Would you all consider leaving a 9-5 field position to work 10 hour shifts in a large hospital system. Currently working for a company with decent pay but absolutely horrible benefits and retirement plan. Opportunity to work at hospital with significantly better benefits and slightly better salary (5k). Important to note current job has a great work life balance and new job would require after school daycare for children until 6:00. Any thoughts??? TIA!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I would kill for a 4 day 10 hour shift. As long as you are not working more than 10 hours.....which seems to be the problem with APRN positions.
  4. by   Bunnygal
    Thank you so much for your reply! This was def something I inquired about during the process. I was told that the actual dept (vascular access) closes between 5-5:30 and that extra time will just be to close out the day. But I do anticipate having to stay a little over, just hoping it's not too frequent!!
  5. by   TAKOO01
    Having a job with a great work/life balance is wonderful. I can imagine that you want to think carefully before giving it up. There are a few things to consider.

    What is it in your current benefits package that is terrible? Is it paying, for example, $400 a month for healthcare or is it just that you don't have a lot of vacation days? If it's about outrageous healthcare deductions that greatly reduce salary, maybe that's a reason to leave. If it's about the vacation days, maybe you can arrange something with the current job for comp time.

    Are you (for example)30 years from retirement or 15 years? If you are 30 years away, you don't have to get a job with a good pension right now. You can wait a few years and squeeze in that precious time with the kids. When they are a little older, then you can get a job with a pension and have enough time to get vested. If you are closer to retirement, then maybe you should snatch this opportunity up.

    How much is childcare in your area? The cost may eat up that $5k raise quickly. I'm sure there are other issues, but these are what came to my mind immediately.
  6. by   Bunnygal
    The work/life balance is great I can't lie. I'm off by 4:30 everyday typically. Company is very understanding of employees lives outside of work. However, I pay $750/month for insurance and have a $12,000 deductible. I essentially pay out of pocket for every doc appt, every medication, every lab draw etc. Two years ago this wouldn't have bothered me, but now I realize I'm spending about 10% of my income on health insurance alone! Not including dental and vision which I can't afford . The costs keep getting passed down to the employee every year and I seriously wonder if the company and subsequently, my position are stable. Such a tough decision.
  7. by   Tony1790
    I'd take the hospital job with better pay and benefits, the $5k will offset the increased cost of day care and you get an extra day off to run errands, enjoy life more, etc.

    Good luck
  8. by   Bunnygal
    Ty for your reply!! The extra day sounds heavenly lol.
  9. by   Have Nurse
    Only you know what your stress level is and what you can handle. Some times it helps to put it down on paper, the pros and cons. Also consider too, how it will be for your kids. Can they handle it?
  10. by   inthecosmos
    Those benefits blow! I would take a different job for that reason alone.
  11. by   rnBSN223
    I would love to work 4 days at 10 hours instead of 5 days a week. However, work life balance is super important. But those benefits are awful, I would change jobs.